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NEC NP01LM Series Installation Manual page 14

Usb wireless lan unit
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Cautions on security when using wireless LAN products
With a wireless LAN, radio waves are used instead of LAN cables for the
exchange of data between the wireless access points (computers, etc.),
offering the advantage that LAN connections can be made freely within
the range of the radio waves.
On the other hand, the radio waves reach all points within this range,
regardless of walls or other obstacles, possibly resulting in the problems
described below if the proper security measures are not taken.
• • • • Contents of transmissions may be intercepted
Malicious third parties may purposely intercept the radio waves and
steal information contained in the transmissions, including such
personal information as ID numbers, passwords, credit card numbers,
e-mail messages, etc.
• • • • Improper intrusions
Malicious third parties may without permission access the personal or
company network and steal personal or confidential information,
pretend to be someone else and leak incorrect information, rewrite
information that has been intercepted, introduce computer viruses or
otherwise damage data or the system, etc.
Wireless LAN cards and wireless access points generally include security
measures for dealing with these problems. Making the proper security
settings before using the products can reduce the risk of such problems
We recommend that you fully understand the problems that can arise
when using the products without making the security settings, then that
you make the security settings based on your own decision and at your
own discretion.

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