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Fan Operation Settings; Built-In Compressor Protection - Honeywell T1 Pro User Manual

Non-programmable thermostat
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System operation settings
1 Press the Menu to cause the Mode and Fan menus
to appear.
2 Press Mode ( ) to cycle through the available
NOTE: Available System modes vary by model and
system settings.
System modes:
‒ Heat
‒ Cool
‒ Off

Fan operation settings

1 Press Menu to cause the Mode and Fan menus to
2 Press Fan ( ) to cycle through Fan modes.
NOTE: Available Fan modes vary with system
Fan modes:
‒ Auto: Fan runs only when the heating or cooling
system is on.
‒ On: Fan is always on.
Setting degrees Fahrenheit (F) or Celcius (C)
1 Press and hold Menu (center) for approximately
3 seconds to enter advanced menu.
2 Change setup option 125 by pressing Edit ( ) to
change the value: 0 = Fahrenheit, 1 = Celsius.
3 Press Done to Save and return to the main menu

Built-in compressor protection

Damage can occur if the compressor is restarted
too soon after shutdown. This feature forces
the compressor to wait for a few minutes before
During the wait time, the display will flash the
message Cool On (or Heat On if you have a heat
pump). When the safe wait time has elapsed, the
message stops flashing and the compressor turns on.
Message flashes until safe
restart time has elapsed.

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