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Nokia 3155i User Manual

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Nokia 3155i User Guide



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  • Page 1 Nokia 3155i User Guide...
  • Page 2 Security. Java™ is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. The information contained in this user guide was written for the Nokia 3155i product. Nokia operates a policy of ongoing development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.
  • Page 3 This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Nokia could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    C o n t e n t s Contents For your safety 1. Phone at a glance......................10 2. Set up your phone ......................15 3. Text entry........................23 4. My account ........................26 5. Call history ........................27 6. Messages ........................29 7.
  • Page 5: For Your Safety

    F o r y o u r s a f e t y For your safety Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. Read the complete user guide for further information. SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 6 F o r y o u r s a f e t y WATER-RESISTANCE Your phone is not water-resistant. Keep it dry. BACK-UP COPIES Remember to make back-up copies or keep a written record of all important information stored in your phone. CONNECTING TO OTHER DEVICES When connecting to any other device, read its user guide for detailed safety instructions.
  • Page 7 F o r y o u r s a f e t y changes in menu names, menu order, and icons. Contact your service provider for more information. This device supports WAP 1.1 protocols (HTTP and SSL) that run on TCP/IP protocols.
  • Page 8 W e l c o m e Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of the Nokia 3155i mobile phone. Your phone provides many practical functions for daily use, such as a hands-free loudspeaker, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, and more. Your phone can also connect to a PC, laptop, or other device using a data cable.
  • Page 9 W e l c o m e Updates From time to time, Nokia updates this guide to reflect changes. The latest version of this guide and an interactive tutorial for this product may be available at Check for additional information, downloads, and services related to the use of Nokia products and services.
  • Page 10: Phone At A Glance

    P h o n e a t a g l a n c e 1. Phone at a glance • Earpiece port (1) • Display screen (2) • Left selection key (3) • Call key (4) • Keypad (5) • Four-way scroll and selection key (6) •...
  • Page 11: Left Selection

    P h o n e a t a g l a n c e You can use the voice key to answer an incoming call. ■ Standby mode Depending on your wireless service provider and the model number of your phone, some or all of the following selection keys may appear in the standby mode.
  • Page 12: Call

    P h o n e a t a g l a n c e The alarm clock is set to on. See "Alarm clock," p. 69. The countdown timer is running. The stopwatch timer is running in the background. See "Stopwatch," p. 76. Integrated hands-free is active.
  • Page 13: Right Selection

    P h o n e a t a g l a n c e As you scroll through the menus, the menu number appears in the upper right corner of the display. Below the battery level indicator is a scroll bar with a tab that moves up or down on the right side of the display screen as you scroll through the menus, providing a visual representation of your current position in the menu structure.
  • Page 14 P h o n e a t a g l a n c e ■ Go to functions Go to menu enables you to change the function of the left selection key on your phone. With this function, you can quickly access your most frequently used functions from the Go to menu in the standby mode.
  • Page 15: Set Up Your Phone

    ■ Antenna Your device has two antennas: the fixed antenna is active unless the extendable antenna is fully extended. In the Nokia 3155i phone, the GPS antenna is internal and is activated when placing emergency calls or when is selected...
  • Page 16 Warning: Use only batteries, chargers, and enhancements approved by Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty and may be dangerous.
  • Page 17 S e t u p y o u r p h o n e Replace the battery 1. Insert the battery, gold colored contact end first, into the battery slot. 2. Push down on the other end of the battery to snap the battery into place.
  • Page 18: Headset

    S e t u p y o u r p h o n e For availability of approved enhancements, please check with your dealer. When you disconnect the power cord of any enhancement, grasp and pull the plug, not the cord. ■...
  • Page 19 S e t u p y o u r p h o n e Keypad 1. Enter the phone number (including the area code), and press the call key. (To delete a character to the left of the cursor, select Clear.) 2.
  • Page 20: Voice

    S e t u p y o u r p h o n e Select Silence to mute the ringtone, then Dismiss, or do nothing. The call is eventually diverted to voicemail. With your phone set to silent in the profiles menu, select Dismiss to divert the call to voicemail.
  • Page 21 S e t u p y o u r p h o n e The loudspeaker is deactivated automatically when a call (or a call attempt) ends or when certain enhancements are connected. Options during a call Many of the options you can use during a call are network services. Check with your wireless service provider for more information.
  • Page 22 S e t u p y o u r p h o n e Unlock the keypad Select Unlock with the center selection key; then press * within 2 seconds.
  • Page 23: Text Entry

    T e x t e n t r y 3. Text entry You can use two methods for entering text and numbers: standard mode and predictive text mode. • Select Clear to backspace the cursor and delete a character. • Select and hold Clear to backspace continuously and delete multiple characters.
  • Page 24 Text entry The illustration below simulates your display each time a key is pressed. For example, to write ’Nokia’ with predictive text on and the English dictionary selected, press each of the following keys: • Press 0 to enter a space, and begin writing the next word.
  • Page 25 T e x t e n t r y Uppercase text: standard mode is on. Lowercase text: standard mode is on. Sentence case text: standard mode is on. This option is available only at the beginning of a sentence. Uppercase text: predictive text is on. Lowercase text: predictive text is on.
  • Page 26: My Account

    M y a c c o u n t 4. My account You can access your Virgin Mobile account to check or increase your balance. To access your account, select Menu > Account.
  • Page 27: Call History

    C a l l h i s t o r y 5. Call history Call history stores information about your last 30 missed, incoming, and outgoing calls. When the number of calls exceeds the maximum, the most recent call replaces the oldest. Whether viewing missed, incoming, or outgoing calls, select from the following options: Time of...
  • Page 28 C a l l h i s t o r y ■ View outgoing calls Outgoing calls are previous numbers you have dialed from your device: 1. In the standby mode, press the call key; or select Menu > Call History >...
  • Page 29: Messages

    M e s s a g e s 6. Messages If you have subscribed to a message network service, you can send and receive messages to compatible phones also subscribed to a message service. You can make distribution lists that contain phone numbers and names from your contacts list.
  • Page 30 M e s s a g e s Insert number—Insert a phone number or find a phone number in the contacts list. Save message—Select Drafts to save the message in the drafts folder; select Templates to save the message as one of your predefined templates in the templates folder.
  • Page 31 M e s s a g e s Canned messages Canned messages or templates are short, prewritten messages you can recall and insert into new text messages when you are short on time. See "Canned messages," p. 31. 1. In the standby mode, select Menu >...
  • Page 32 M e s s a g e s 3. To save the draft of a message you have created, select Save message > Drafts or Templates. View saved messages 1. In the standby mode, select Menu > Messages > Text messages.
  • Page 33 M e s s a g e s Delete messages If your message memory is full and you have more messages waiting at the network, No space for new text messages appears in the standby mode. You can do the following: •...
  • Page 34 M e s s a g e s Message settings Change sending options To change sending options for all future text messages, in the standby mode, select Menu > Messages > Text messages > Message settings > Sending options and the setting you want to change: Priority—Set the priority of the note as Normal or Urgent.
  • Page 35 To listen to voice messages from a phone other than the Nokia 3155i: 1. Dial your cell phone number. 2. When your voicemail answers, press and hold 1.
  • Page 36 M e s s a g e s Clear voice mail icon To clear the voice mail icon from the display, in the standby mode, select Menu > Messages > Voice messages > Clear voice message icon. Automate voice mail Special characters, called dialing codes, can be added to phone numbers.
  • Page 37 M e s s a g e s Insert dialing codes Press * repeatedly to cycle through the dialing codes. Once the desired code appears in the display, pause briefly. The code is inserted into the dialing string. The following dialing codes are available: * —Bypasses a set of instructions +—International prefix p—Pauses for 2.5 seconds before sending the numbers that follow...
  • Page 38: Contacts

    C o n t a c t s 7. Contacts The contacts list can hold up to 500 contacts with multiple numbers and text notes for each contact. The amount of numbers and text entries you can save may vary, depending on the length and total number of entries in the contacts list.
  • Page 39 C o n t a c t s 2. Select Details > Options > Add detail > Number (General, Mobile, Home, Work, or Fax), E-mail address, address, Street address, Note, Image, or Tone. 3. Enter the number or text for the type you have selected, and select OK. 4.
  • Page 40 C o n t a c t s Change type—Change the number type to General, Mobile, Home, Work, or Fax. Add voice tag Voice tag—Add a voice tag to the contact with no voice tag assigned, or select Playback, Change, or Delete with a voice tag assigned.
  • Page 41 C o n t a c t s Send and receive contacts You can send and receive an entry in your contacts list using text messaging, if supported by your wireless service provider. Send a business card You can send a business card as a text message to a compatible phone or other handheld device.
  • Page 42 C o n t a c t s To manage your caller groups, in the standby mode, select Contacts > Caller groups > Family, VIP, Friends, Business, or Other to display the following caller group options: Rename group—Rename the group to your preference. Group ringtone—Set the ringtone for the group.
  • Page 43 C o n t a c t s Dial a number 1. In the standby mode, press and hold the right selection key with the fold open, or press and hold the voice key regardless of whether the fold is open or closed.
  • Page 44 C o n t a c t s 3. Enter the new number and a name for the entry, and select OK; or select Search to retrieve a number from the contacts list. Delete 1-touch dialing numbers 1. In the standby mode, select Menu >...
  • Page 45: My Stuff

    M y s t u f f 8. My stuff You can use My Stuff to store downloaded games, tones, images, and applications. Your device has a limited amount of memory for storing files in Stuff. This memory is not shared with other functions, such as contacts. If the device displays a message that the memory is full, delete some existing files before proceeding.
  • Page 46 M y s t u f f Game details To display the name, version, and size of a selected game, select Options > Details. ■ Tones Tones to use as ringtones or attach to a contact entry or message can be stored in or retrieved from this folder.
  • Page 47: Tunes

    T u n e s 9. Tunes ■ Radio Your phone has an FM radio that also functions as an alarm clock radio. To listen to the FM radio on your phone, connect a compatible music stand or stereo headset to the connector on the bottom of the phone. The FM radio uses the wire of the headset as an antenna.
  • Page 48 T u n e s Channels—Scroll up or down to select a channel from 20 locations. With an existing channel highlighted, select Options > Delete channel Rename delete or rename the saved channel. Mono output Stereo output—Listen to the radio in monaural mode (default) or in stereo.
  • Page 49 T u n e s 2. After you hear the recorder start tone, begin recording speech or sound. 3. When you finish recording, select Stop and your recording is saved to the Tones folder in stuff. Options After the recording is saved to the Tones folder, highlight the recording, and select...
  • Page 50 T u n e s 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to adjust the setting for each frequency; then select Save. 6. To rename the setting, select Options > Rename, enter a new name, and select OK. 7. To activate the setting, select Activate.
  • Page 51: Settings

    S e t t i n g s 10. Settings Use this menu to change profiles, themes, main display settings, mini display settings, tone settings, time and date settings, call settings, phone settings, voice commands, enhancement settings, security settings, application settings, network settings, network services, and restore factory settings.
  • Page 52 S e t t i n g s ■ Tones You can adjust the ringing volume, keypad tones, and more for the active profile. See "Customize a profile," p. 51 for more information on profile settings. Select Menu > Settings >...
  • Page 53 S e t t i n g s 4. To activate or deactivate wallpaper, in the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Main display > Wallpaper > or Off. Screen saver In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings >...
  • Page 54 S e t t i n g s ■ Time and date settings Clock In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Time and date > Clock > Show clock Hide clock, Set the time, Time zone, or Time format.
  • Page 55 S e t t i n g s by the emergency operator to determine the position of the device. The functionality and accuracy of this feature are dependent on the network, satellite systems, and the agency receiving the information. Location info sharing is a network service.
  • Page 56 S e t t i n g s In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Call > Automatic redial > Off. Speed dialing You can activate or deactivate 1-touch dialing. In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings >...
  • Page 57 S e t t i n g s Prefix+ phone no.+ card no.—Dial the prefix (numbers that must precede the phone number) and phone number you want to dial, then the card number (and the PIN, if required). 4. Enter the required information (access number or prefix and card number), and select to confirm your entries.
  • Page 58 S e t t i n g s In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Call > Ringing tone for no caller > to select or change ringtone or Off. ■ Phone settings Phone language The phone language affects the time and date formats of the clock, alarm clock, and calendar.
  • Page 59 S e t t i n g s Set length You can specify touch-tone length for the Fixed option. In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Touch tones > Touch tone length > Short (0.1 seconds) or Long (0.5 seconds).
  • Page 60 S e t t i n g s Assign a voice tag to a command Before using voice commands, you must first add a voice tag to the device function. 1. In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Voice commands.
  • Page 61 S e t t i n g s User details Scroll to User details, and select one the following submenus to show user details. number—Enter your mobile number. Mobile Station ID number—000000434 is already programmed into the device (yours will be different). Version details Scroll to Version...
  • Page 62: Charger

    S e t t i n g s Vibrating alert—Indicates that the vibrating alert is enabled. Voice message—Indicates that you have a new voicemail. System details Scroll to System details, and select one the following submenus. System ID (SID)— Display the system ID of your phone. Channel—Display the channel (45) of your device.
  • Page 63 Off. TTY/TDD Check with the manufacturer of the TTY/TDD device for a connecting cable that is compatible with the Nokia device. TTY/TDD communications depend on network availability. Check with your wireless service provider for availability and description of services.
  • Page 64 S e t t i n g s ■ Security When first accessing the security settings, enter the preset lock code, which is by default, the last four digits of your phone number. If this does not work, contact your wireless service provider for help. Phone lock The phone lock feature protects your device from unauthorized outgoing calls or unauthorized access to information stored in the device.
  • Page 65 S e t t i n g s To call the allowed phone number, ensure that your phone is in the standby mode. Scroll down to highlight the number you want to call, or enter it on the keypad; and then press the call key to place the call. Change lock code The preset lock code, by default, is the last four digits of your phone number.
  • Page 66 S e t t i n g s Restrict incoming calls—Set restrictions on receiving calls. 4. Select whether to block or allow numbers: Blocked numbers—Set the numbers the phone can only block, allowing all the rest. Allowed numbers—Set the numbers the phone can only call or receive, blocking all the rest.
  • Page 67 S e t t i n g s 1. In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Network > Roaming options and one of the following options: Home only—You can make and receive calls in your home area only. Automatic A—The phone automatically searches for service in another digital network.
  • Page 68 S e t t i n g s Cancel In the standby mode, select Menu > Settings > Network services > Call forwarding > Cancel all call forwarding. Cancel all call forwarding may affect your ability to receive voice mail messages. Contact your wireless service provider for specific details.
  • Page 69: Tools

    T o o l s 11. Tools Your device contains features to help organize your everyday life, including an alarm clock, calendar, notes, to-do list, calculator, countdown timer, and stopwatch. ■ Alarm clock If the alarm time is reached while the device switched off, the device switches itself on and starts sounding the alarm tone.
  • Page 70 T o o l s Snooze time-out To set the alarm snooze time, select Menu > Tools > Alarm clock > Snooze time- > minutes, minutes, minutes, minutes, minutes, or Other enter up to 60 minutes snooze time). Alarm conditions When the alarm sounds, your device beeps, vibrates (if vibrating alert is on for currently active profile), and the display lights up.
  • Page 71 T o o l s Note types You can apply five types of notes to your calendar. Your device asks for further information depending on which note you choose. You also have the option to set an alarm for any note you select. 1.
  • Page 72 T o o l s Go to today—Jump to the current date on your calendar. Send note—Send the note to another device as a text message or in calendar- to-calendar format. Copy—Copy the note to paste to another date. Settings—Set the date and time, date and time format, the day each week starts and whether you want your notes to auto delete after a specified time.
  • Page 73 T o o l s When you receive a calendar note or text message, a message notification appears in the standby mode. You can save the note in your calendar and set an alarm for any date and time. ■ Notes You can write and save information in Notes and send notes using text message.
  • Page 74 T o o l s Go to calendar—Leave the to-do list, and go to the calendar. Save to calendar—Save the to-do note to a date on your calendar. Delete done notes—Delete all the completed to-do notes. Delete all notes—Delete all the to-do notes in the list. View the to-do note, and select Edit...
  • Page 75 T o o l s 3. Enter the second number in your calculation. 4. Select Equals to complete calculation or Options if more functions are required. Currency converter You can convert foreign currency to domestic, or vice versa, directly in the standby mode or from the Calculator menu.
  • Page 76 T o o l s Normal timer to measure the countdown time for tasks that have one period (timer name). Select Interval timer to save sets of countdown times with more than one period. 2. Enter the time (in hh:mm:ss format), and select OK. 3.
  • Page 77 T o o l s time. The timer continues to run, and the split time appears below the running time. Each time you select Split, the new measured time appears at the beginning of the list. timing—You can use the lap time function when you want to track how long it takes to complete each cycle or lap.
  • Page 78 T o o l s Delete times—Enables you to delete any saved times. You can delete the saved times one by one or all at once.
  • Page 79: Vxl

    V X L 12. VXL Your device has access to VXL, which includes selected services on the mobile Internet. You can access popular features, exclusive music, entertainment, information services, and much more. VXL is updated frequently. Check the Virgin Mobile web site at, for availability and pricing.
  • Page 80 V X L 3. Enter the emergency number for your present location (for example, 911). Emergency numbers vary by location. 4. Press the call key. Disconnect To close your VXL connection, press and hold the end key.
  • Page 81: Pc Connectivity

    PC to your device. See "Nokia PC Suite," p. 82. Transfer with Windows Explorer After you have installed the Nokia Audio Manager, it is possible to use Windows Explorer to transfer music, photo, and video files to your device and from your device to your PC.
  • Page 82 ■ Nokia PC Suite Nokia PC Suite software is available for the Nokia 3155i phones. Nokia PC Suite is a collection of powerful tools that you can use to manage your device features and data.
  • Page 83 • Nokia Connection Manager selects the connection type between the PC and the device. • Nokia Phone Browser copies images and tones from your device to your PC and vice versa. Copyright protection may prevent some images, ring tones, and other content...
  • Page 84: Enhancements

    AC-3 or AC-4 charger. Warning: Use only batteries, chargers, and enhancements that are approved by Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other type may invalidate any approval or warranty, and may be dangerous.
  • Page 85 The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, but it will eventually wear out. When the talk and standby times are noticeably shorter than normal, replace the battery. Use only Nokia approved batteries, and recharge your battery only with Nokia approved chargers designated for this device.
  • Page 86 E n h a n c e m e n t s ■ Nokia battery authentication guidelines Always use original Nokia batteries for your safety. To check that you are getting an original Nokia battery, purchase it from an authorized Nokia dealer, look for...
  • Page 87 You should receive a message indicating whether the code can be authenticated. What if your battery is not authentic? If you cannot confirm that your Nokia battery with the hologram on the label is an authentic Nokia battery, please do not use the battery. Take it to the nearest authorized Nokia service point or dealer for assistance.
  • Page 88: Care And Maintenance

    C a r e a n d m a i n t e n a n c e 15. Care and maintenance Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will help you protect your warranty coverage.
  • Page 89: Additional Safety Information

    A d d i t i o n a l s a f e t y i n f o r m a t i o n 16. Additional safety information Your device and its enhancements may contain small parts. Keep them out of the reach of small children.
  • Page 90 A d d i t i o n a l s a f e t y i n f o r m a t i o n • Do not carry the device in a breast pocket • Hold the device to the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimize the potential for interference.
  • Page 91 A d d i t i o n a l s a f e t y i n f o r m a t i o n even death. Switch off the device at refuelling points such as near gas pumps at service stations.
  • Page 92 SAR values may vary depending on national reporting and testing requirements and the network band. Additional SAR information may be provided under product information at Your mobile device is also designed to meet the requirements for exposure to radio waves established by the Federal Communications Commission (USA) and Industry Canada.
  • Page 93 Check the battery Warning: Use only batteries, chargers, and enhancements approved by Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty, and may be dangerous. Check the model number of any charger before use with this device. This device is...
  • Page 94 A d d i t i o n a l s a f e t y i n f o r m a t i o n The following charging times are approximate with the BL-6C 1070 mAh LiIon battery: Travel Charter (AC-4): Up to 1 hour 35 minutes Standard Travel Charger (AC-3): Up to 3 hours 45 minutes Talk and standby times...