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Volume Control - LG HBS-110 User Manual

Bluetooth stereo headset
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Volume control

- Press the VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN key to adjust the speaker volume.
- There are seven volume levels on the HBS-110. You will see the number of bars on the LCD
changing as you press one of volume keys.
- There are two types of volume levels.
- 1. Standard volume.
- 2. Volume for AV Streaming.
When audio streaming starts, the preset value of the AV volume will be automatically
applied (level 4).
- When you answer a call, the Standard Volume level applies (level 3). After ending a call
- It will automatically return to the music play [volume level 4].
Answering a Call
- When there is an incoming call, the headset will ring.
If Caller ID is available, the LCD will display the phone number of the caller.
- If the phone does not provide a melody to the headset, the headset will play its own ring
- Press the PWR/END key to answer an incoming call.
- When the call begins, the phone icon below is displayed at the top of the LCD to indicate a
call is in progress.
Making a Call
- If you make a call from the Handset, the call will (subject to phone settings) be
automatically transferred to the Headset. If the call is not automatically transferred to the
headset, manually transfer the call by pressing the PWR/END button on the HBS-110.
Ending a call
- Press the PWR/END button shortly to end a call.
Transferring a call
- To transfer a call to the Handset from the headset, press the PLAY/PAUSE button.
- To transfer a call back to the HBS-110, press the PLAY/PAUSE button.
- The HBS-110 will display "Audio Transfer".
Call waiting
- Answer a second call without hanging up the first call by pressing the PWR/END button for
2 seconds. Press the PWR/END button for 2 seconds to return to the original call.
- Press the PWR/END button to terminate both calls at once
* It is possible to use these functions only when your Handset supports them. For further
information about using these features please consult your Handset's user manual.
Music PLAY
- Press the PLAY/PAUSE key to play music.
- The LCD will display "Streaming".
- Press the PLAY/PAUSE key to pause the music.
- The LCD will display "Play/Pause", then "Streaming".
- Press the PLAY/PAUSE key to resume playing music.
- The LCD will display "Streaming" as the music resumes.
- Press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE key for one second while music is being played or paused.
The LCD displays "Stop".The music will stop and the screen will display "LG HBS-110".
* If you hold the key too long, the headset will enter "Pairing Mode".



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