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Fujitsu F905i Manual page 8

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Press and hold for 1 second or more : Display
p aMail/▼ (Scroll) key
Use to display mail menu, scroll downward
the mail screen or site/website display by
pages, perform the operation shown in the
lower-right corner of the guide area.
Press 2 times : Check new message
Press and hold for 1 second or more : Display
Compose message screen.
q fPower/End key
Use to terminate on-hold, calling/operating
function, display/hide calendar layout.
Press and hold for 2 seconds or more : Turn power
r ##/Line-feed key/Macro shooting/Silent
Use to enter "#", start a new line when
entering characters, switch Macro mode
while using out-camera.
Press and hold for 1 second or more : Start/cancel
Silent mode.
s sMultitask key
Use to perform another function while talking
or perform an operation (Multiaccess/
t Charging jack
u Jack
Connect various optional devices.
v Out-camera
Use to shoot still images or movies, send
images over a videophone call.
w Light➝P62, 102, 138, 349,
Turn on or blink when activating Lock on
close, shooting an image, recording a movie,
operating Music player operate according to
the settings of Indicator light or Light alert,
Simple light or Light.
y Built-in antenna
* The terminal has a Built-in antenna. To talk in better
conditions, do not cover the antenna with your hand.
z Fingerprint
Register/authenticate fingerprint
A Back cover
B Strap opening
C Speaker
D PLeft Side key
Activate Simple light.
E microSD memory card
F MMusic key
Use to perform menu items on the sub-
display, operate Music player
Press and hold for 1 second or more : Start/Stop
Music player
G Side keys [▲▼]
Side key [▲] : Stop ring tone, alarm or vibrate effect,
increase the volume during a call, turn on the light
of the sub-display while the terminal is folded,
switch display, select menu
Side key [▲](1 sec. or more) : Start Quick answer
machine while a call is incoming, start/stop voice
memo/movie memo during a call, start/cancel
Silent mode while the terminal is folded
answer machines/voice memos on the stand-by
display while the terminal is open
Side key[
] : Decrease the volume during a call,
Turn sub-display light ON while the terminal is
open, switch display, select menu item
, activate