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Fujitsu F905i Manual page 24

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Table of Contents Page 24 Thursday, April 17, 2008 3:14 PM
If you can't use it even when you are
subscribed, it is possible that the voicemail
service has not been initiated. Please refer to
the detailed instruction manual for how to
initiate the service. ➝p.___
I tried to make a call using a prepaid SIM/USIM
card but I couldn't connect.
If you are using a prepaid SIM/USIM, you
cannot make a call unless you have enough
money left in the account.
I cannot save an image to the terminal.
It is possible that you do not have enough
storage space. Delete unnecessary data and
try again.➝p.___
I can't find the address book I registered.
Try switching the address book in the
terminal with the SIM card address book and
search again. If it is set to Show All (Zhuyin),
it will be shown in the first relevant
BoPoMoFo tab that is in the Zhuyin field in
the address book. ➝p.___
I want to change the Chinese display to English or
the English display to Chinese.
Please refer to the "Bilingual setting." ➝p.___
I don't know how to enter characters.
Please refer to "Entering characters." ➝p.___
I cannot receive the network very well.
Your network setting may be incorrect. Refer
to "Network search setting." ➝p.___
Using the Kisekae tool changes the order of the
Some Kisekae tools do not support horizontal
screens. In addition, depending on the kind
of menu, the menu structure for the first layer
of the tree may change according to the
frequency of usage. ➝p.___
The profile information does not display the phone
The profile does not show your own phone
number. Neither does it allow you to edit it.
However, if you have registered your own
phone number to the SIM/USIM card with a
terminal other than F905i, it will be displayed
as your own phone number. [*This is TBD as
the specifications will change]
I want to change the terminal back to the factory
Please refer to "Delete all data" in the
detailed instruction manual.➝p.___
❖List of useful shortcuts
We have shortcut keys that enable you to
access functions by pressing only a few keys.
This is a convenient function unique to F.
Basic operations
Access shortcut (i-mode)
You can access a website by pressing just two keys!
*You need to register in advance.
Number keys 0-9 i-mode/i-appli key
Two-key shortcuts (i-appli)
You can start i-appli by pressing just two keys!
*You need to register in advance.


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