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Wireless notebook mouse
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Using the mouse


The LED provides information on the state of charge/operating status and on the scanning sensitivity.
Status indicators
The LED lights up red
The LED flashes red

Setting the scanning sensitivity

The LED flashes with the individual levels as follows:
1000 to 1500 dpi: flashes 2x red
1500 to 2000 dpi: flashes 3x red
2000 to 1000 dpi: flashes 1x red
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
Power-on indicator
The mouse is operative.
State of charge indicator as the mouse is being switched on
During the switch-on process of the mouse, the LED flashes depending on
the state of charge of the battery.
The LED flashes 1x: The battery is nearly discharged.
The LED flashes up to 5x: The battery is fully charged.
State of charge indicator in mouse operating mode
During operation, the LED flashes red if the state of charge of the battery
in the mouse becomes lower (see chapter
in the mouse", Page 10 -
DPI indicator
While the resolution (DPI) is being adjusted, the LED flashes depending
on the level set (see chapter
"State of charge of the battery
"Setting the scanning sensitivity", Page 9 -
The mouse supports a resolution (scanning
sensitivity) of 1000, 1500 and 2000 dpi.
The default setting is 1500 dpi.
► To switch the scanning sensitivity from one
level to the next highest level, press the DPI
button once in each case.
After the highest level of 2000 dpi has
been reached, the next press of the DPI
button begins again with the lowest level
of 1000 dpi.
The higher the scanning sensitivity, the
faster the mouse reacts.
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