Troubleshooting And Tips; The Mouse Is Not Detected Or Does Not Function; Connection Problems With Mouse - Fujitsu WI610 User Manual

Wireless notebook mouse
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Troubleshooting and tips

Troubleshooting and tips
If a fault occurs, try to eliminate it with the measures described in this chapter.
If you cannot resolve the fault, contact your local sales office or computer dealer.
If you need to exchange the device, please note that you must return it to your dealer
in its original packaging and also a produce proof of purchase (receipt). Keep your
receipt and the original packaging in a safe place after purchase.

The mouse is not detected or does not function

► Check that the mouse is switched on (on/off switch on bottom of mouse)
► Check that the mouse battery is properly inserted.
► Disconnect the receiver from the computer and reconnect it.
► If the table top is made of glass or of a reflective material, this can interfere with the mouse
sensor. In this case use an ordinary mouse pad or move to a more favourable desk.
► The receiver may be too far from the mouse.
► Check whether the USB port on your computer is correctly configured.
► Restart your computer.

Connection problems with mouse

The connection can be disturbed by other radio devices in the surrounding
area that use the same radio frequency.
► Insert the receiver into another USB port of your computer.
On systems with a USB 3.0 port, connection problems may occur
because of technical reasons.
► Do not connect the receiver to a USB port which is very close to a USB 3.0 port which has
a USB 3.0 end device connected (e.g. immediately adjacent USB ports).
► Where appropriate, use a USB extension cable to increase the separation.
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