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Preparing The Mouse And Establishing The Wireless Connection - Fujitsu WI610 User Manual

Wireless notebook mouse
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Connecting the receiver and the mouse
Preparing the mouse and establishing the
wireless connection
Before you can use your new mouse, you must make the following preparations.
When inserting the battery, follow the safety notes and the chapter
Page 14 -
not used for longer periods. This extends the service life of the battery.
The mouse requires one AA battery.
The wireless connection between the mouse and the receiver is established
automatically and you can start using the mouse immediately.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
English. Use only AA type batteries. Switch off the mouse when it is
► Open the cover of the battery compartment
on the top of the mouse by pressing the
button (1) and remove the cover.
► Insert the battery into the battery
compartment. The illustration in the battery
compartment shows how to insert the
battery in the correct orientation.
► Close the battery compartment.
► Set the switch on the bottom of
the mouse to "On".
English - 5
"Technical data",


Table of Contents

Table of Contents