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Casio CA007 User Manual

Casio CA007 User Manual

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CA007 User Manual


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Casio CA007

  • Page 1 CA007 User Manual...
  • Page 2 Introduction Thank you for purchasing the CA007. Before using your cell phone, be sure to read this PDF manual to ensure correct usage. After you have finished reading this manual, store this PDF manual and the printed manuals in safe places so you can retrieve them whenever you need them.
  • Page 3: Illustrations And Screenshots In This Manual

    Illustrations and Screenshots in This Manual Note on Illustrations ■ The illustrations in this manual may look different from the actual cell phone in shape, color and typeface. The key illustrations are also simplified as shown below. Key Illustration Key Illustration &...
  • Page 4: Notes On Cell Phone Use

    Notes on Cell Phone Use • Refrain from talking in a loud voice. • Obtain the permission of other people before you take their photos with the cell phone's camera. Cell Phone Etiquette • Do not record information with the cell phone's camera The cell phone always emits weak radio waves when power in bookstores and other locations where taking photos is on.
  • Page 5: Disaster Message Board Service

    Disaster Message Board Service • Registered information is stored until the service set up for the disaster ends. When a large scale disaster occurs, you can register • The maximum available number of registrations is 10 your safety information from EZweb. The registered per phone number.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Making and Answering Calls Contents Making a Call …………………………………………… 14 Making an International Call …………………………… 14 Introduction Answering a Call ……………………………………… 15 Illustrations and Screenshots in This Manual Returning a Call (Outgoing History/Incoming History) … 16 One-ring Calls …………………………………………… 16 Notes on Cell Phone Use Adjusting the Earpiece Volume during a Call ………...
  • Page 7 Mail USB Connection Using E-mail …………………………………………… 25 Connecting to PCs ……………………………………… 35 Creating and Sending E-mail Messages …………… 25 FCC Notice Reading Received E-mail Messages ………………… 26 Reading an E-mail Message with an Attached Photo or Movie ……………………… 26 Replying to Received E-mail Messages ……………… 27 Using C-mail ……………………………………………...
  • Page 8: Getting Ready

    Getting Ready Checking the Contents of the Box The box contains the cell phone and accessories. • Cell phone • Battery pack • Instruction Manual (Japanese) • Warranty (Japanese) • Safety Precautions (Japanese) • The following accessories are not included. - microSD memory card - Desktop holder - AC adapter...
  • Page 9: Names Of Parts

    Names of Parts From the Front From the Back From the Sides ■ ■ ■ Optical sensor Optical sensor Strap eyelet Strap eyelet Manner key Manner key Earpiece Earpiece Sub display Sub display FeliCa mark FeliCa mark Display Display External connection External connection jack cover jack cover...
  • Page 10: Charging The Battery Pack

    ➡ Confirm that the indicator lights. Charging the Battery Pack • Charging: A charge beginning sounds and the The battery pack is not fully charged at the time of purchase. indicator lights. Be sure to charge the battery pack before using the cell •...
  • Page 11: Learning The Basics

    Learning the Basics Key Assignments ■ : Display the ticker field and info pane. : Display the ticker field and info pane. l : Display Incoming History. l : Display Incoming History. : Display Outgoing History. : Display Outgoing History. d : Display Alert window/Shortcut d : Display Alert window/Shortcut menu.
  • Page 12: Turning On Power

    Use j to select 画面表示 (Screen Display) and ➡ ■ Hiding/Redisplaying the Alert Window then press c (選択 [Select]). When the alert window is displayed on the standby screen, you can temporarily hide it by pressing & (Back) and then Use j to select Set Language and then press ➡...
  • Page 13: Display Indicators

    Display Indicators Display indicators inform you of mail arrival, current settings, etc. Display ■ ① ① ②③ ④⑤⑥ ②③ ④⑤⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ Indicator Description ① Signal strength ② Battery level ⑩ ⑩ ③ A microSD memory card (commercially available) inserted During a call ④...
  • Page 14: Changing Your E-Mail Address

    Use j to select 承諾する (Accept) and then ➡ Changing Your E-mail Address press c (Select). You can change the account E-mail address E-mail address Use j to select the entry box, press c (Input), ➡ name of your e-mail address. enter an e-mail address using single-byte △△△ △△△
  • Page 15: Security Code And Passwords

    Security Code and Passwords ■ EZ Password You can use a security code and other passwords Usage Subscribing or canceling subscriptions to Example EZweb fee-based contents described below. Take care not to forget your security code and passwords, The four-digit number you wrote on your Initial Setting because they are required for performing various subscription form...
  • Page 16: Making And Answering Calls

    Making an International Call Making and Answering Calls 001 International Call Service ■ Making a Call Available without any additional application Example: To call 212-123-△△△△ in the USA When the standby screen is displayed, use 0 to 9 to enter a phone number. Enter the access code, a country code, area code and phone number, and then press N .
  • Page 17: Answering A Call

    Answering a Call To answer a call, press N . • To end the call, press Display When a Call is Received ■ The phone number of the caller appears. If the caller's phone number and name are in the phone book, the name is also displayed.
  • Page 18: Returning A Call (Outgoing History/Incoming History)

    Returning a Call (Outgoing History/ ■ One-ring Indicator One-ring indicator on the Incoming History screen indicates Incoming History) you have received a one-ring call (a call rang for three Example: Returning a call to a phone number in the seconds or shorter). Be careful when you return a call to an incoming history unknown caller.
  • Page 19: Changing The Incoming Ring Tone

    Adjusting the Incoming Ring • Even in manner mode, the cell phone still emits a sound when autofocusing, a shutter sound when you Tone Volume take a photo. When the standby screen is displayed, press c. Changing the Incoming Ring Tone Use a to select Function and then press ➡...
  • Page 20: Turning On The Answer Memo

    Use s to select Answer Memo and then press ➡ Turning On the Answer Memo c (Select). When the standby screen is displayed, press Use j to select the message you want to play ➡ c (Select). and then press c (Play). Use a to select Tools and then press ➡...
  • Page 21: Global Functions

    Use j to select Call to Japan and then press ➡ Global Functions c (OK). You can use your cell phone overseas in the area Press c (Call). ➡ supporting Global Passport CDMA without any special • At the time of purchase, the service area information applications.
  • Page 22: Character Input

    Character Input Number of Times to Press the Key 10 11 12 Character Entry Modes 1 . @ − _ / : ∼ When a character entry screen is displayed, you can select 2 a b c a character entry mode if you press & (Char.Type). 3 d...
  • Page 23: Entering E-Mail Addresses

    ■ Entering Two or More Characters Entering E-mail Addresses Assigned to the Same Key E-mail Address Compatible Characters ■ After you enter the first character, press r and then enter • Before you enter an e-mail address, switch to the the next character.
  • Page 24: Entering Pictograms/Decoration-Emojis/Symbols/Face Marks

    Press % (SubMenu). ➡ Use j to select Phrase and then press ➡ c (OK). Use % (Category) to select Internet. ➡ Use j to select and then press ➡ c (Select). "" is entered. Entering Pictograms/Decoration- Emojis/Symbols/Face Marks Example: Entering pictograms When a character entry screen is displayed, press Use a to select the pictogram you want to...
  • Page 25: Phone Book

    Phone Book • The phone book can store up to 1,000 entries. • The cell phone automatically saves an entry to the lowest available memory number from 000 to 999. Saving a Phone Book Entry • You can save three phone numbers and three e-mail addresses for each phone book entry.
  • Page 26: Saving A Phone Number From The Incoming Or Outgoing History

    Saving a Phone Number from the Incoming or Outgoing History Example: Saving a phone number from the incoming history to the phone book When the standby screen is displayed, press l and use j to select the phone number you want to save.
  • Page 27: Mail

    Creating and Sending E-mail Messages Mail When the standby screen is displayed, press L. Using E-mail Use j to select Create New and then press ➡ To use e-mail, you need to apply for an EZweb subscription. c (Select). If you did not apply for an EZweb subscription at the time of Use j to select Address and then press ➡...
  • Page 28: Reading Received E-Mail Messages

    Reading Received E-mail Messages Reading an E-mail Message with an Attached Photo or Movie When you receive an e-mail message, E-mail Example: Viewing an attached photo appears on the standby screen. Use s to select E-mail and then press Display the e-mail message that has an attached ➡...
  • Page 29: Replying To Received E-Mail Messages

    Replying to Received E-mail Messages When the standby screen is displayed, press L. Use j to select Inbox and then press ➡ c (Select). Use j to select a folder and then press ➡ c (Select). Use j to select the message you want to ➡...
  • Page 30: Using C-Mail

    Use a to select a phone book entry and then ➡ Using C-mail press c (Detail). C-mail is a service that uses phone numbers as addresses Use j to select a phone number and then ➡ to exchange messages between au cell phones that press c (Select).
  • Page 31: Camera

    Viewing Photos Camera When the standby screen is displayed, press c. Your cell phone can take photos and movies. Shot images can be used for the standby screen, and Use a to select Data Folder and then press ➡ attached to e-mail messages. c (Select).
  • Page 32: Ezweb

    EZweb EZweb Subscription Required EZweb Subscription Required EZweb is an information service that allows you to enjoy browsing the Internet on your cell phone. You can also download Chaku-Uta-Full-Plus ® , Chaku-Uta-Full ® , Chaku- ® , news, and other contents from web pages. To use EZweb, you need to apply for an EZweb subscription.
  • Page 33: Accessing Sites

    Accessing Sites Viewing the au one Top ■ You can access EZweb from the au one Top. A variety of useful and fun sites are available on EZweb. When the standby screen is displayed, press R, use j to select Top Menu/Search and then press c (Select). auお客さまサポート...
  • Page 34: Bookmarking Frequently Accessed

    ■ Basic Operations Bookmarking Frequently Use j to select the site you want to access and then Accessed Pages press c (OK). Press L or C to return to the previous screen. Hold When the page you want to bookmark is down either key for at least one second to return to the au displayed, press % (BrowserMenu).
  • Page 35: Checking Charges

    Use j to select the site you want to access ➡ Checking Charges and then press c (Select). When the standby screen is displayed, press c. The download instructions appear. • Fee-based information sites require entry of EZ Use a to select Function and then press ➡...
  • Page 36: Bluetooth

    Using Bluetooth ® Functions Bluetooth When Waiting ON is set, you can use wireless output, Registering Bluetooth Devices ® hands-free call, and dialup connection. When the standby screen is displayed, press c. When connecting from your cell phone to Bluetooth ®...
  • Page 37: Connecting To Pcs

    USB Connection Connecting to PCs After installing the "USB driver," follow the steps below to connect your cell phone and the PC by the USB cable (sold separately). Connect the USB cable (sold separately) to the USB port of the PC. ➡...
  • Page 38: Fcc Notice

    Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for Wireless Phones - Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. The highest reported SAR values CA007 are: CDMA modes (Part 22). - Connect the equipment into an outlet on circuit different from that to which Head: 0.235W/kg;...

Table of Contents