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Honeywell CL603AE User Manual

Portable evaporative air cooler


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Portable Evaporative Air Cooler
User Manual
Read and save these instructions before use
Enfriador de Aire Evaporativo Portátil
Manual de Instrucciones
Lea y guarde estas instrucciones antes de usar la unidad
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  • Page 1 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler User Manual Read and save these instructions before use Enfriador de Aire Evaporativo Portátil Manual de Instrucciones Lea y guarde estas instrucciones antes de usar la unidad Model / Modelo: CL603AE E-mail:
  • Page 2: Parts Description

    PARTS DESCRIPTION Control Panel Water Level Indicator Handle Remote Control Louvers Water Fill Door Power Cord & Plug Continous Water Supply Casters Drain Plug Ice Compartment Lid...
  • Page 3: Use And Operation

    USE & OPERATION CONTROL PANEL High MODE SWING SPEED TIMER Cool Sleep POWER FUNCTION BUTTONS POWER Press the POWER button to turn the unit on. The cooler will start automatically at medium speed. After a few seconds the speed will switch to low. To turn the unit off, press the button again. SPEED Press the SPEED button repeatedly to change the speed between High - Mid - Low - Sleep.
  • Page 4: Room Cooling And Humidifying

    (without evaporative cooling). ROOM COOLING AND HUMIDIFYING In cooling mode, Honeywell Air Coolers provide cool, moist air through the evaporation of water. There is a manual Water Regulator knob located in the ice compartment of the unit. This allows you to adjust the amount of water pumped over the Honeycomb Cooling Media, thus helping to control cooling and humidification levels.
  • Page 5 USE & OPERATION (CONTINUED) REMOTE CONTROL POWER : ON / OFF ON/OFF MODE SPEED High / Medium / Low / Sleep TIMER SWING SPEED MODE Switch the COOL function SWING Controls the motion of the louvers TIMER Controls the Timer function for automatic off NOTE: The remote control requires AAA (2 x 1.5V) batteries for replacement.
  • Page 6: Cooler Location

    USE & OPERATION (CONTINUED) COOLER LOCATION Make sure to position the air cooler correctly before you set up and start using the product. Please refer to the COOLER LOCATION section of the separate Safety & Maintenance Guide. FILLING WITH WATER It is ideal to use the Continuous Water Supply Connection to run the unit for long periods of time without refilling the tank.
  • Page 7 USE & OPERATION (CONTINUED) FILLING WITH WATER (CONTINUED) The Water Level Indicator is located at the front of the unit. Refill the water tank when water level is low. Do not fill water above the "Max." water level mark to avoid water droplets collecting on the louvers. Check the water level in the tank before running the COOL function.
  • Page 8 USE & OPERATION (CONTINUED) LOW WATER ALARM* The unit is equipped with a low water sensor. In Cooling Mode, when water in the tank is below the minimum level, you will hear a beeping sound and the indicator light will flash continuously. The unit will automatically pause evaporative cooling.
  • Page 9 USE & OPERATION (CONTINUED) CLEANING THE CARBON DUST FILTER* AND HONEYCOMB COOLING MEDIA • The appliance is supplied with a Carbon Dust Filter* and Honeycomb Cooling Media. • The Carbon Dust Filter* and Honeycomb Cooling Media are located inside the Rear Grill. See Figure 1 for instructions on how to remove them from the unit for cleaning and maintenance.
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