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Siemens Mux_guide_v06 User Manual page 29

Multiplexer user's guide
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Multiplexer User's Guide
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The mappings are valid for version 3 and an MSC request only. Descriptions of all other
versions are available in Chapter 5.
The response to any MSC must be always the same data already sent.
Please keep in mind that it is impossible to remap any response bits.
Remember that the bits described above are valid in Mux version 3 only, switched on by a
version control handshake (see Chapter 5). More detailed information on older multiplexer
versions are available in Chapter 5.2.
Break signal (optional):
Bit 1
Bit 2
Usually the break signal octet carries information about a break condition detected from the
host application in the data stream for the DLC.
This command supports no parameters. Instead we use this optional parameter to transport
the escape sequence detection from the host to the module. If the customer application
detects an escape sequence (usually +++), it sends this optional octet with bit 1 set to 1. The
module calls its original escape sequence.
Bit 3
Bit 4
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Bit 5
Bit 6
Not supported
o b i l e
Bit 7
Bit 8

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