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Siemens A57 User Manual

Siemens mobile user guide
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Issued by
Information and Communication mobile
Haidenauplatz 1
D-81667 Munich
© Siemens AG 2004
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Issued by Information and Communication mobile Haidenauplatz 1 D-81667 Munich © Siemens AG 2004 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Guarantee certificate (IRL) ... 30 Accessories ... 31 Energy ... 31 Headset Basic ... 31 Fashion & Carry ... 31 Car Solutions ... 31 SAR – European Union (RTTE) ... 32 SAR – International (ICNIRP) ... 33 Index ... 34 Contents...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    (p. 10). Otherwise you risk serious permanent damage to your hearing. Only use original Siemens batteries (100 % mercury-free) and – charging devices. Otherwise you risk serious damage to health and property. The battery could explode, for instance.
  • Page 4: Overview Of The Phone

    Overview of the phone Integrated antenna Do not interfere with the phone above the battery cover unnecessarily. This re- duces the signal strength. Loudspeaker Display indicators Signal strength/battery level. Soft keys Press the soft key to call up the function that is displayed as §Text§...
  • Page 5 Overview of the phone Scroll key In lists and menus: Scroll up and down. During a call: Volume adjustment. In standby mode: Press at the top: read new message. Press at the bottom: open Phonebook. Edit Text: Short press at top or bottom: Move cursor character by character.
  • Page 6: Display Symbols (Selection)

    Display symbols (selection) Display indicators Signal strength. Charging. Battery level. All calls are diverted. Ringer off. Short ringer (beep) only. Ringer only, if the caller is stored in the Phonebook. Alarm clock active. µ Key lock active. Phone numbers/names: ¢ On the SIM card ¡...
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Getting Started Getting Started The front and back covers of the phone and the keypad (CLIPit™ Covers, my-CLIPit™: p. 31) can be changed in seconds – no tools required. Please switch the phone off first. To attach To remove Additonal notes Your phone's display and the display on the top shell are delivered with a protective film.
  • Page 8: Insert Sim Card/Battery

    Insert SIM card/battery The service provider supplies you with a SIM card on which all the important data for your account is stored. If the SIM card is credit-card sized, snap out the smaller segment and trimm any rough edges. Press grooved area , then lift cover in the direction indicated by the arrow...
  • Page 9: Switch On/Off, Pin Entry

    Switch on/off, PIN entry this range). The voltage specified on the power supply unit must not be exceeded. To use the full performance of the bat- tery, the battery must be fully charged and discharged at least five times. Charge icon not visible If the battery is totally discharged no charge icon is displayed when the charger is plugged in.
  • Page 10: Security

    It is then valid for all protected functions. If it is entered incor- rectly three times the phone is locked. Contact the Siemens Service (p. 27). Clear SIM card barring If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the SIM card is barred.
  • Page 11: When A Number Is Busy

    Making a phone call When a number is busy For automatically dialling the phone number for up to 15 minutes at increas- ing intervals, press §Auto dial§ ringing when the busy number is free, press ). Press §Call back§ beep will remind you to redial the dis- payed phone number after 15 minutes.
  • Page 12: Phonebook

    All calls in the conference are ended si- multaneously when the End key pressed. Additional costs will be incurred for every additional phone connection. Call menu Several functions are only available dur- ing a call: ¢ Select a function y menu§ Direct call The phone can be locked, so it's only pos- sible to dial a defined number.
  • Page 13: Call/Search For An Entry

    Phonebook Writes blank. Press twice = skip line. Call/search for an entry Open Phonebook , select name by typ- ing first letter or scroll and dial with Call with record no. A record number is automatically assigned to every new entry in the Phonebook. Enter record number (in standby ¢...
  • Page 14: Call Records /Duration/Charges

    Change group assignment You can assign a Phonebook entry to a group when you enter it (p. 11). ¢ ¢ Select entry ¢ (scroll to group) ¢ ¢ Select a new goup SMS to group A memo (SMS) can be sent as a "circular" to all members of a group.
  • Page 15: Voicemail/Cb Services

    Voicemail/CB services Charge settings ¢ ¢ Call records §Menu§ ¢ Charge settings Currency (PIN 2 query) Currency for charge display. Personal rate (PIN 2 query) Charges per unit/period. A/c limit (PIN 2 query) Fix a credit/usage period on a special SIM card.
  • Page 16: Messages (Sms)

    Receive CB You can activate and deactivate the CB service. If activated, the standby time of the phone will be reduced. Read new CB All unread CB messages are displayed. Topic list You can add an unrestricted number of topics to this personal list from the topic index (Topic index).
  • Page 17: Compose A Message

    Messages (SMS) Compose a message ¢ ¢ Messages New SMS §Menu§ ¢ Q ¢ text number or select from Phonebook) ¢ §OK§ The SMS is sent to the service centre for transmission. Text menu Open the text menu. §Options§ Write text fragments ¢...
  • Page 18: Sms To Group

    Correct a word Words created using T9: With move left or right, word by word, until the required word is » With scroll through the T9 word suggestions again. §Clear§ acter to the left of the cursor and displays a new possible word! Words not created using T9: With move letter by letter to the...
  • Page 19: Surf & Fun

    Surf & fun Surf & fun Internet browser (WAP) ¢ ¢ Surf & fun Select a function. §Menu§ Get the latest WAP information from the Internet that is specifically adapted to the display options of your phone. In addi- tion, you can download sounds, pictures and animations to your phone via WAP.
  • Page 20: Own Pictures/Own Animations

    Setup ¢ ¢ Surf & fun Games §Menu§ You can activate and deactivate the fol- lowing functions for the games: Sounds, Illumination, Silent alert Own pictures/Own animations ¢ ¢ Surf & fun Own animations §Menu§ ¢ Own pictures Set animations, logos and screensavers as required in your phone.
  • Page 21: Profiles

    Car Kit The profile is only activated automatically as soon as the phone is inserted into the cradle if a Siemens original Car Kit is used. Headset The profile is only activated automatically if used with an original Siemens headset.
  • Page 22: Divert

    Select a function Car Kit Only in combination with an original Siemens handsfree Car Kit. If an original Siemens Car Kit Portable is used the pro- file is activated automatically as soon as the phone is inserted into the cradle. Auto answer Calls are accepted automatically after a few seconds.
  • Page 23: Security

    Setup Buddhist year Switch to the Buddhist calendar (not available in all models). Security ¢ ¢ Setup Security §Menu§ ¢ Select a function. Direct call Only one phone number can be dialled. Press and hold control key on the right. This SIM only Your phone is prevented from being used with a different SIM card.
  • Page 24: Master Reset

    Master reset ¢ ¢ Setup Master reset §Menu§ The phone is reset to the default values (does not apply to SIM card and network settings). Alternative input in standby mode: # 9 9 9 9 # Ring tones ¢ ¢ Select a function.
  • Page 25: Fast Access Key

    Fast access key Fast access key You can program an important phone number or a function on the left soft key. You can program an important phone number on the number keys 2 to 9 (speed dialling numbers). The phone number can then be dialled or the function can be started at the touch of a button.
  • Page 26: Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers If you have any questions about using your phone, visit us at anytime. In addition we have listed some frequently asked questions and answers below. Question Possible causes Phone cannot On/Off key not pressed long enough. Press On/Off key for at least two seconds.
  • Page 27 Enter the PUK (MASTER PIN) provided with the SIM card according to the in- structions. If the PUK (MASTER PIN) has been lost, contact your service provider. Contact Siemens Service (p. 27). Check with your service provider. Contact your service provider.
  • Page 28: Customer Care

    You can also get personal advice about our range of products on our Premium Hotline: United Kingdom ... 0906 9597500 (£0.75 per minute) Qualified Siemens employees are waiting to offer you expert information about our products and in- stallation. In some countries repair and replace services are impossible where the products are not sold through our authorised dealers.
  • Page 29: Care And Maintenance

    Product data Declaration of conformity Siemens Information and Communication mobile hereby declares that the phone described in this user guide is in compli- ance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of European Di- rective 1999/5/EC (R&TTE).
  • Page 30: Battery Quality Statement

    Guarantee default becoming evident. • Ownership of devices or components replaced by and returned to Siemens shall vest in Siemens. • This Guarantee shall apply to new devices pur- chased in the European Union. For Products...
  • Page 31: Guarantee Certificate (Irl)

    24 months of pur- chase, Siemens shall, at its own option and free of charge, either replace the device with another device reflecting the current state of the art, or re- pair the said device.
  • Page 32: Accessories

    Hands-free talking with high speech qual- ity by simply connecting it to the cigarette lighter socket. Ideal for easy transfer between vehicles. Products can be obtained in specialist shops or you can visit the Siemens Mobile Store online: Siemens Original Accessories
  • Page 33: Sar - European Union (Rtte)

    0.46 W/kg****. The SAR information can also be found on the Siemens web site at While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, all Siemens products meet the legal requirements.
  • Page 34: Sar - International (Icnirp)

    0.46 W/kg***. SAR information can also be found at While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, they all meet the inter- national guidelines for safe RF exposure.
  • Page 35: Index

    Index Index Accepted calls, call list... 13 Accessories ... 31 Account limit ... 14 Aircraft mode, profile... 20 Alarm clock... 23 Alarm tones ... 23 All calls, divert ... 21 All calls, duration/charges ... 13 All incoming, network barring ... 22 Animation download ...
  • Page 36 Games ... 18 Getting Started ... 6 Group call to group ... 13 SMS to group... 13 Guarantee certificate ... 29 Handsfree function ... 10 Headset ... 21, 31 Headset volume... 9 Held call ... 10 Hide ID ... 20 Hotline ...
  • Page 37 Index Security codes... 9 Service tones ... 23 Setup call ... 20 Car Kit ... 21 clock ... 21 display... 20 divert ... 21 games ... 19 headset ... 21 language ... 20 network... 22 ring tones... 23 security ... 22 Short message (SMS) ...