Sony AIBO ERA-201D1 Operating Instructions Manual

Wireless lan card
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AIBO Wireless LAN card
Operating Instructions
© 2000 Sony Corporation



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  • Page 1 4-652-247-11(1) AIBO Wireless LAN card Operating Instructions ERA-201D1 © 2000 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 The model number and serial number are located on the card. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial number whenever you call upon your Sony dealer. Model No. ERA-201D1 Serial No. ___________...
  • Page 3 Regulatory information This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 4 Corporation. In this manual, the “” mark and “” mark have been omitted. NOTES • The Sony-supplied software may show screens slightly different from those included in this manual. • This manual is written based on the assumption that you are familiar with basic operations of Windows operating system.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Overview ..................6 System requirements ..............7 Installing the LAN card into AIBO ..........8 Making network settings ..............13 Network setting procedure ............13 Network configuration and settings ......... 14 AIBO’s network settings ............20 Making AIBO’s network settings ..........21 Precautions ..................
  • Page 6: Overview

    Overview The AIBO Wireless LAN Card ERA-201D1 (referred to as the “LAN card” hereafter), when installed in the AIBO ERS-210, enables AIBO to communicate with a PC equipped with a wireless LAN card. When a wireless LAN access point is used, communication with AIBO is possible from a PC connected to a wired LAN network.
  • Page 7: System Requirements

    LAN communication. * AIBO-ware is a program which is capable of running AIBO and is manufactured by Sony Corporation or other third parties. System requirements The wireless LAN card must be used in conjunction with the following: •...
  • Page 8: Installing The Lan Card Into Aibo

    Installing the LAN card into AIBO Press the pause button on AIBO’s chest to make it pause. Chest light Note While AIBO is accessing the “Memory Stick,” the battery pack lock indicator appears red. Do not remove the “Memory Stick” during this time to prevent damaging AIBO.
  • Page 9 Grasp AIBO by the body, turn it upside down, and then open its stomach cover. Notes • Lift AIBO by the body, and not by its extremities. • Do not touch the charging terminal with your hand. Doing so may soil the terminal and cause poor contact.
  • Page 10 Insert and press the pin supplied with AIBO into the release holes for AIBO’s left front and left hind legs, and remove them. The PC card insertion slot appears. With the antenna on the LAN card oriented towards the right, push the LAN card firmly into the slot.
  • Page 11 Fold down the ejection button so that it is flat against the core unit of AIBO. Replace the left front and left hind legs.
  • Page 12 Re-insert the battery pack until it clicks into place, and close the stomach cover. Press the point indicated by an arrow. Place AIBO on the floor as shown below.
  • Page 13: Making Network Settings

    Making network settings For explanation of network-related terms, see “Glossary” on page 32. Network setting procedure The outline of procedure of network settings for AIBO is as follows: Check your network configuration (page 14) Change the network settings of all devices within the network except AIBO so that they can communicate with AIBO in its settings before change (page 14) To restore the previous network To use the new network settings...
  • Page 14: Network Configuration And Settings

    Network configuration and settings Depending on the devices within the network, select one of the following four types of wireless LAN network configuration and make settings accrdingly. a) There is an access point and communication is conducted through the access point from a wireless LAN-enabled PC Access point AIBO and the PC can communicate with each other through the access point.
  • Page 15 Settings for the PC Set the following items for the PC. SSID: AIBONET WEP key: AIBO2 Communication mode: infrastructure mode (access point mode) IP address: When the access point is set so that it serves as the DHCP server, set this item to “Aquire the IP address automatically.” Otherwise, set it to “”.
  • Page 16 b) There is an access point and communication is conducted through the access point from a PC conneted to the wired LAN network and devices within the wireless LAN network Wired LAN Access network point AIBO and the PC can communicate with each other through the access point. Settings for the access point Set the following items for the access point so that can comminicate with AIBO...
  • Page 17 Notes • You may find it impossible to set the SSID for some access points currently available in market. When you use one of these, you cannot change the settings for AIBO through a PC connected to the wired LAN network. Use a PC which is connectable to the wireless LAN network.
  • Page 18 Settings for the PC Set the following items for the PC in IBSS Peer-to-Peer mode so that comminicate with AIBO in its default settings. SSID: AIBONET WEP key: AIBO2 Wireless channel: any channnel between 1 and 11 IP address: Subnet mask: Communication mode: IBSS Peer-to-Peer mode Note...
  • Page 19 Settings for the PC Set the following items for the PC in ad hoc demo mode so that can comminicate with AIBO in its default settings. WEP key: AIBO2 Wireless channel: 3 IP address: Subnet mask: Communication mode: ad hoc demo mode Note The settings above can be changed after you change the settings for AIBO.
  • Page 20: Aibo's Network Settings

    AIBO’s network settings Settings must be made for AIBO on the following items. Once the communication has been established, you can change the settings accrding to your network environment. Item Description Default setting The name of AIBO to be used for Hostname —...
  • Page 21: Making Aibo's Network Settings

    Item Description Default setting Specify infrastructure mode or ad See below*. Operation mode hoc demo mode. Wireless channel Specify this item when ad hoc demo mode is selected. A number from 1 to 11 can be entered for this LAN card.
  • Page 22 Insert AIBO-ware “Memory Stick” for wireless LAN communication into AIBO and press the pause button on its chest to start it. For details on how to insert a “Memory Stick” into AIBO, refer to the operating instructions supplied with AIBO. Start up the Web browser on the personal computer and open the following URL for setting AIBO.
  • Page 23 Restore the previous network environment. Verify that you can communicate with AIBO from the personal computer. If you made a mistake on the settings/If AIBO does not operate after you have changed the settings Press AIBO’s pause button, remove the wireless LAN card from AIBO, and then start up AIBO again.
  • Page 24: Precautions

    Precautions Safety Do not drop or cause a mechanical shock to the wireless LAN card, as this may damage the card. Installation Do not place the wireless LAN card where it will be exposed to the following conditions: • Unstable surface. •...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you experience any of the following difficulties, use this troubleshooting guide to remedy the problem. Should the problem persist, contact the AIBO Customer Link (refer to the “AIBO” ERS-210 Operating Instructions). x Problems related to wireless communication Symptom Cause/Remedy The PC cannot The wireless LAN card is not inserted into AIBO...
  • Page 26 Symptom Cause/Remedy No communication The effective communication distance depends occurs even when the on the location and the surrounding conditions. access point (or the c Move AIBO and the personal computer closer personal computer with to the access point (page 6). the wireless LAN card) is located within 50 meters (165 feet) of AIBO.
  • Page 27: Limited Warranty

    SONY ELECTRONICS INC. (“SONY”) warrants this Product and its accessories against defects in material or workmanship as follows: 1. PRODUCTS: For a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, SONY will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective parts and/or the Product (i.e., AIBO Wireless LAN card) with new or rebuilt replacements.
  • Page 28 This warranty does not apply when the malfunction results from use of the Product in conjunction with accessories, products or ancillary or peripheral equipment not manufactured by SONY, and where it is determined by SONY that there is no fault with the Product itself.
  • Page 30: Service Procedure

    Service procedure 1. Contact the AIBO Customer Link. Its E-mail address is and its toll free number is 1-800-427-2988. 2. If the AIBO Customer Link determines that your unit needs repair, follow the procedure described below. a. The AIBO Customer Link will give you the event number, which is valid for ten days.
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Specifications Power requirements Storage temperature 3.3 V –20°C and 60°C (–4°F and 140°F) (without Power consumption condensation) 330 mA (max. during Supplied accessories transmission), 240 mA (max. during reception) Operating Instructions Connector Type-II PC card slot Dimensions Approx. 90 × 12 × 53 mm Design and specifications are subject to ×...
  • Page 32: Glossary

    Glossary Access point IBSS (Independent Basic Service Set) Peer-to-Peer mode A networking device with both wireless communication interface and telephone When you set at least one PC within the line or Ethernet interface, which bridges wireless LAN network to IBSS Peer-to- across the wireless LAN and wired LAN.
  • Page 33 Infrastructure mode SSID (Service Set ID) Also referred to as “Access point mode.” Also referred to as “access point ID” or This mode is used when a device “group name.” The SSID is specified equipped with a wireless LAN card through the access point or the personal communicates with the access point.
  • Page 34 TCP/IP (Transmission Control Wireless channel Protocol/Internet Protocol) In IEEE802.11b wireless LAN standard, A protocol which the personal computer 2.4 GHz band is divided into 14 within the network uses for channels. To prevent a transmission jam, communication. TCP/IP is used in separate channels can be specified for Internet and is used the most world wide.
  • Page 36 Printed in Japan * 4 6 5 2 2 4 7 1 1...