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Lighting The Electronic Igniters; Flame Height Adjustment - KitchenAid MGC Series Propane Conversion Instructions

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Lighting the Electronic Igniters

The cooktop burners use electronic igniters in place of standing
pilots. When the cooktop control knob is pushed in, the system
creates a spark to light the burner. This sparking continues until
the control knob is turned to the desired setting.
To Check Operation of the Cooktop Burners:
1. Push in and turn knobs to the ignition position (see the User
Guide for additional information). The cooktop burner flame
should light within 4 seconds. The first time a burner is lit, it
may take longer than 4 seconds to light because of air in the
gas line. Do not leave the knob in the ignition position after
the burner lights.
2. If burners do not light properly, turn the control knob to the
Off position. Make sure the burner caps are in the proper
3. Check that the power supply cord is plugged in. Check that
the circuit breaker has not tripped or the household fuse has
not blown.
4. Check that the shutoff valve is in the open position.
5. Check burner operation again.
If one or all of the burners do not light at this point, see
"Assistance or Service" section in the User Guide.

Flame Height Adjustment

Each burner flame has been factory set to the lowest position
available to provide reliable and constant reignition of the burner.
However, each burner can be adjusted.
NOTE: If your model number begins with KGCS5 or KGCS9, call
service, as this operation will require opening the unit.
To Adjust:
The flame can be adjusted using the adjustment screws
underneath the control knob.
NOTE: Check the Use and Care Guide for information on each
burner to determine whether they are single or dual flame. Adjust
the valves accordingly.
Adjustment for Single Valve
1. Set the burner flame to LO.
2. Remove the control knob.
3. Hold knob stem with a pair of pliers. Use a ³⁄₃₂" (#0 [2.0 mm])
flat-blade screwdriver to turn the screw located within the
shaft of the control knob stem until the flame is the proper
" (#0 [2.0 mm]) flat-blade screwdriver
(screwdriver shaft must be a minimum of
2" [5.1 cm] long)
B. Control knob stem opening
C. Adjustment screw location
4. For LP gas conversion:
Completely tighten screw "C" to set the minimum flame
For Natural gas conversion:
Tighten screw "C" to reduce flame height. Loosen screw to
increase flame height. See "Complete Burner Adjustment"
5. Replace the control knob.
6. Test the flame by turning the control from LO to HI, checking
the flame at each setting.
Adjustment for Dual Valve
To Adjust Inner Crown Flame:
1. Set the inner crown flame to LO.
A. Inner crown
B. Outer crown
2. Remove the control knob.
3. Remove the black rubber grommet.
4. Using needle-nose pliers, remove the gray shield inside the
burner valve opening.
A. Control knob
B. Black rubber grommet
C. Gray shield


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