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Features And Operation - Craftsman 50284 Operator's Manual

Hydraulic bottle jacks
Hide thumbs


2-piece handle
Spring lock
Compare these illustrations with your jack
BEFORE operation and/or oil level maintenance
to become familiar with the location of various
jack components (Picture 3).
Handle Assembly
Assemble the handle sections by lining
up the spring detent in the grip section
with the slot in the other section (Picture
1 & 2).
NOTICE: ONLY use the handle provided
with this jack. Handle is specially designed
to properly fit into handle socket and engage
release valve.
Raising the Jack
• Place vehicle in park, with emergency brake
on and wheels securely chocked to ensure
lifting stability.
• Refer to the vehicle manufacturer owner's
manual to locate the approved vehicle
lifting points.
• Position the jack so that the saddle will firmly
contact the vehicle lifting point.
• Close the release valve by turning the
handle clockwise until it stops.
• Pump jack handle until saddle nears contact
with vehicle lifting point. Check to see that
the saddle is centered and will contact lifting
point firmly.
• Continue to pump jack handle to lift vehicle
to desired height.
• After lifting, support the load with
appropriately rated vehicle support stands
before working on vehicle.
WARNING: Never work on, under, or around
a load supported only by a hydraulic jack.
Lowering the Jack
• Raise load high enough to clear jack stands;
then carefully remove the stands.
• Carefully open the release valve by slowly
turning the handle counterclockwise.
• After removing jack from under vehicle, if
saddle has not fully descended, push it all
the way down to reduce ram exposure to
rust and contamination.
How it works
With Release Valve Closed
• An upward stroke of the jack Handle draws
oil from the reservoir tank into the plunger
cavity. Hydraulic pressure holds the valve
closed, which keeps the oil in the plunger
• A downward stroke of the jack Handle
releases oil into the lift cylinder, which forces
the power unit ram out. This raises the
• When the ram reaches maximum extension,
oil bypasses the lift cylinder through an
overload valve back into the oil reservoir,
protecting the jack from damage. This
bypass system also goes into effect when
the jack is overloaded (load exceeds 4,000
lbs) to protect the jack from damage and the
user from possible serious injury.



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