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Sharp LCD Modules for Industrial Appliance Manual

Sharp lcd modules for industrial appliance


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LCD Modules for
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Summary of Contents for Sharp LCD Modules for Industrial Appliance

  • Page 1 LCD Modules for Industrial Appliance 2007
  • Page 2 LCDs continue to make a difference in all aspects of peopleÕs lives today. From continual technological development to the creation of new applications defines SharpÕs ongoing endeavor to take on new challenges. Sharp is continually building high-efficiency production systems for use in all of our plants to ensure high quality.
  • Page 3 Strong LCD Advanced TFT-LCD Super Mobile LCD Switchable viewing-angle LCD 3D LCDs Sharp Dual Directional Viewing LCD Memory liquid crystal C o n t e n t s Advanced Super V LCD 3D LCDs Areas of Application Advanced TFT-LCD...
  • Page 4 A third type of liquid crystal display that combines the advantages of transmissive and reflective LCDs. The High Transmission Advanced TFT-LCD and High Reflection Advanced TFT-LCD—two types of panels optimized for different applications. Transmissive High Transmission Advanced TFT-LCD High Reflection Advanced TFT-LCD Reflective High reflectivity...
  • Page 5 Superior reliability and resistance to temperature extremes, shocks, and vibrations make these display panels ideal for applications in manufacturing and distribution businesses. Innovation of LCD materials for enhanced reliability under extreme temperatures Strong LCD1 Strong LCD2 -10 to + 65 °C -30 to + 80 °C -30 to + 70 °C -30 to + 80 °C...
  • Page 6 Beautiful simultaneous display allows one panel to show two different screens In dual- In single- screen screen modea mode Sharp Triple Directional Viewing LCD (Under development) In triple- In single- screen screen mode mode No special goggles are needed to achieve realistic three-dimensional display.
  • Page 7 Our proprietary direct bonding technology realizes high readability under direct sunlight and shock resistance. Comparison of contrast characteristics Applicable to a wide variety of devices High shock resistance Man-machine interfaces of the future will offer high image quality coupled with high durability. Applications Clear images uncharacteristic of a touch panel display Resistive type...
  • Page 8 Dark blue Blue Light blue Brown Orange A revolutionary driver from Sharp enables lighter weight, greater compactness and higher reliability. Applications Space savings and higher reliability are achieved by integrating a timing generator (TG), analog IC and power supply IC into a conventional on-panel driver IC.
  • Page 9: Areas Of Application

    Applying Sharp’s total resources to opening up new potential in diverse industrial applications. Complete product lineup Offering the one-of-a-kind aimed at contributing to technology at exactly market expansion the right time Easy maintenance and From material procurement extended support to power saving design...
  • Page 10: Product Map

    Product Map Product Map Display Size (inch) QSXGA UXGA 28.3 LQ283G1TW11 LQ281L1LW11 28.1 LQ281L1LW14 LQ231U1LW01 23.1 LQ231U1LW21 LQ201U1LW11Z 20.1 LQ201U1LW21 LQ190E1LW01 19.0 LQ190E1LW41 15.0 12.1 10.4 Ó class Ó class Ó class Ó class Ó Less than 5.0 R e s o l u t i o n SXGA SVGA WVGA...
  • Page 11 Product Specifications (28.3 to 10.4 inches) Product Specifications (28.3 to 10.4 inches) ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ > > > > >...
  • Page 12 Product Specifications (Less than 10.0 inches) Product Specifications (Less than 10.0 inches) ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ > ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧ ≧...