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Kenwood kMix Series Instructions Manual page 9

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to fit and use your
1 Raise the mixer head until it locks.
2 Fit the bowl onto the base.
3 Push the splashguard onto the
underside of the mixer head 6 until
fully located. The hinged section should be
positioned as shown.
4 Insert required tool.
5 Lower the mixer head.
• During mixing, ingredients can be added
directly to the bowl via the hinged
section of the splashguard 7.
• You do not need to remove the
splashguard to change tools.
6 Remove the splashguard by raising the
mixer head and sliding it down.
tool adjustment
K-beater & Whisk
The tools are set to the correct height
for the bowl supplied in the factory and
should not require adjustment.
However, if you wish to adjust the tool
use a suitable 15mm spanner:
Then follow the instructions below:
1 Unplug the machine.
2 Raise the mixer head and insert the
whisk or beater.
3 Lower the mixer head. If the clearance
needs to be adjusted, raise the mixer
head and remove the tool. Ideally the
whisk and K-beater should be almost
touching the bottom of the bowl 8.
4 Using a suitable spanner loosen the nut
sufficiently to allow adjustment of the
shaft 9. To lower the tool closer to the
bottom of the bowl, turn the shaft anti-
clockwise. To raise the tool away from
the bottom of the bowl turn the shaft
5 Re-tighten the nut.
6 Fit the tool to the mixer and lower the
mixer head.
(Check its position see points above).
7 Repeat the above steps as necessary
until the tool is set correctly. Once this is
acheived tighten the nut securely.
• Note: Spanner shown is for
illustration purpose only.
Dough Hook
This tool is set at the factory and should
require no adjustment.



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