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Kenwood kMix Series Instructions Manual page 7

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the mixer
the mixing tools and some
of their uses
• For making cakes, biscuits, pastry, icing,
fillings, éclairs and mashed potato.
• For eggs, cream, batters, fatless
sponges, meringues, cheesecakes,
mousses, soufflés. Do not use the whisk
for heavy mixtures (e.g. creaming fat
and sugar) – you could damage it.
dough hook
• For yeast mixtures.
to use your mixer
1 Lift the head release lever  at the back
of the kitchen machine 1 and at the
same time lift the head a until it locks in
the raised position 2.
2 Place the required tool into the socket.
Then push up 3 and turn 4 the tool to
lock into position.
3 Fit the bowl onto the base. Place the
handle directly over the unlock symbol
, then gently turn the bowl clockwise
until the handle is directly above the
lock symbol
. DO NOT USE excessive
force and DO NOT overtighten 5.
4 Lift the head release lever  at the back
of the Kitchen Machine and at the same
time lower the mixer head a.
5 Plug into the power supply and
the 'mixer ready indicator light' will
6 Switch on by turning the speed control
to the desired setting.
7 Release the tool by turning clockwise
to unlock from the tool socket and then
• If the mixer head is raised during
operation, the machine will stop working
straight away. To re-start the mixer,
lower the mixer head, turn the speed
switch to the 'O' position, wait a few
seconds and then re-select the speed.
The mixer should resume operating
straight away.
• Whenever the mixer head is raised the
'mixer ready indicator light' will go out.
When the head is lowered, the light will
illuminate indicating the mixer is ready to
• The fold function
folding light ingredients into heavier
mixtures for example meringues,
mousses, fruit fools, Genoese sponges
and soufflés, and to slowly incorporate
flour and fruit into cake mixtures. The
mixer will operate at a constant slow
• Eggs at room temperature are best for
• Before whisking egg whites, make sure
there is no grease or egg yolk on the
whisk or bowl.
• Use cold ingredients for pastry unless
your recipe states otherwise.
• When creaming fat and sugar for cake
mixes, always use the fat at room
temperature or soften it first.
• Your Kitchen Machine has been fitted
with a 'soft start' feature to minimise
spillage. However if the machine is
switched on with a heavy mixture in
the bowl such as bread dough, you
may notice that the mixer takes a few
seconds to reach the selected speed.
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