Sharp DV-SL20U Operation Manual

Sharp dvd video player operation manual dv-sl20u
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DVD Video Player


Please read this Operation Manual carefully
before using your DVD Video Player.


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Sharp DV-SL20U

  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    DVD Video Player MODEL DV-SL20U DV-SF70 POWER OPEN/CLOSE PLAY STOP SKIP OPERATION MANUAL Please read this Operation Manual carefully before using your DVD Video Player.
  • Page 2 AS THE LASER BEAM USED IN THIS UNIT IS HARMFUL TO THE EYES, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISAS- SEMBLE THE CABINET. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED PERSONNEL ONLY. As an Energy Star Partner, SHARP has determined that this product meets the Energy Star ® ciency. Energy Star is a U.S. registered mark. DV-SL20U Model No.:...
  • Page 3: Important Safe Guards

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 1) Read Instructions - All the safety and operating instruc- tions should be read before the product is operated. 2) Retain Instructions - The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 3) Heed Warnings - All warnings on the product and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.
  • Page 4: Features

    In this case, turn on the power and wait about one hour for the dew to evaporate. Others It is the intent of Sharp that this product be used in full compliance with the copyright laws of the United States and that prior permission be obtained from copyright owners whenever necessary.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

  • Page 6: Supplied Accessories

    • If your TV is compatible with progressive scanning (480p), connect the TV to the Component Video Output jacks of the DVD player and set the INTERLACE/PROGRESSIVE SCAN SELECTOR on the back of the DVD player to PROGRESSIVE. Next, set your TV to the progressive scan mode.
  • Page 7: Functional Overview

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW FRONT PANEL DV-SL20 POWER OPEN/CLOSE REAR VIEW 1. POWER to switch the player to ON or OFF 2. OPEN/CLOSE to open/close the disc tray 3. PLAY to start or resume disc playback 4. STOP to stop playback 5. SKIP H / SEARCH h goes to previous chapter or track during playback;...
  • Page 8: Display

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Display Stays on when repeat title function is on. Stays on when the repeat function is on. Stays on when the A-B repeat function is on. Stays on when the inserted disc is being played back. Lights up when the inserted disc comes to a pause.
  • Page 9: Connecting To An Amplifier Equipped With Digital Input Jacks Such As Md Deck Or Dat Deck

    Connecting to a Dolby Digital decoder or DTS decoder If using this DVD player to play back a DVD in a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital surround or DTS surround format, the DVD player outputs a Dolby Digital or DTS data stream from its COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack. By hooking the player up to a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder, you can enjoy a more con- vincing, realistic ambience with powerful and high-quality surround sound of a professional standard such as can be heard in movie theaters.
  • Page 10: Playing A Disc

    PLAYING A DISC Basic Playback Getting started • Turn on the power of the TV, amplifier and any other com- ponents which are connected to the DVD. • Make sure the TV and audio receiver (commercially avail- able) are set to the correct channel. Press POWER.
  • Page 11: Fast Forward / Reverse Search

    PLAYING A DISC Fast Forward / Reverse Search During playback, press FWDg or REVh repeated- ly to select the required forward or reverse speed: x2, x8, x50, x100. • If you are using SKIP G / SEARCH g on the front panel, press and hold it for more than 1.5 sec (the longer you hold it, the faster the speed will be) you reach the desired speed, release the button.
  • Page 12: Repeat Track

    DVD-RW MP3 Playback VR mode When a CD with MP3 files is inserted in the DVD player, the MP3 menu will appear on the TV screen, and number of tracks is displayed on the front panel. In stop mode, press K or L to select the desired group or track.
  • Page 13: Track Selection

    • Press CLEAR to erase the incorrect input. Press PLAY to start programmed playback. Audio Language The DVD player allows you to select a language during DVD disc (if multi language available) playback. Press AUDIO during playback. Press AUDIO repeatedly to select your desired language.
  • Page 14: Marker Setup Screen

    DVD SETUP Audio Setting Choose the appropriate Audio settings for your equipment as it only affect during the playback of DVD discs of the DVD player. Press SETUP in STOP mode. Press Bto select (CUSTOM), then press ENTER.
  • Page 15: Display Setting

    AUTO POWER OFF : • Press ENTER repeatedly to turn Auto Power off ON or OFF. • The default setting is ON and it will turn the DVD player to off automatically after 35 minutes of no use. Press SETUP to exit.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE If the DVD player does not perform properly when operated as instructed in this Operation Manual, check the player, consult- ing the following checklist. Problem No power No picture Distorted picture Completely distorted picture or black/white picture with DVD...
  • Page 17: Specifications

    • Always store the disc in its protective case when it is not used. SERVICE INFORMATION (For the U.S.) For the location of the nearest Sharp Authorized Service Center, or to obtain product literature, accessories, supplies or cus- tomer assistance, please call 1-800-BE-SHARP (1-800-237-4277) or visit SHARP’s website (
  • Page 18: Controles De Operación Y Funciones

    CONTROLES DE OPERACIÓN Y FUNCIONES PANEL DELANTERO / VISTA TRASERA 1. Botón de la alimentación Púlselo para conectar y desconectar la alimentación. 2. Botón de abertura/cierre (OPEN/CLOSE) Púlselo para introducir discos en la bandeja o sacarlos de ella. 3. Botón de reproducción (PLAY) Inicie la reproducción del contenido del disco.
  • Page 19: Visualizaciones Durante La Operación

    CONTROLES DE OPERACIÓN Y FUNCIONES Visualizaciones Durante la Operación Conexión de alimentación No hay disco insertado o reproducción de un DVD menú Bandeja abierta Bandeja cerrada Carga del disco Desconexión de alimentación CONEXIONES Conexión a un Televisor Utilice un cable de vídeo S (de venta en el comercio) en lugar del cable de vídeo amarillo para disfrutar de imágenes de más alta calidad.
  • Page 20 Product, and shall constitute full satisfaction of all claims, whether based on contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise. In no event shall Sharp be liable, or in any way responsible, for any damages or defects in the Product which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized servicer.

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