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Sharp CE-AG06 Operation Manual page 7

Digital camera card
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unit. Avoid also applying undue force from the
rotary lens mechanism.
• Do not touch the lens with a pointed object or
bare hands. The lens may be flawed or stained.
If the lens gets dirty, lightly wipe it with a cotton
swab or any other soft material.
• Do not leave the product in a place exposed to
direct sunlight, in a car, near a heater, or in any
other place that may become hot. Such location
can be a source of failure.
• Avoid using or leaving the product in a dusty or
damp place. Such location can be a source of
• Do not put the product in a back pocket of your
pants or in a breast pocket. Undue force applied
to the product may result in damage.
• The product is not of waterproof construction.
Avoid using or storing the product where it may
be splashed with water or other liquids.
Rainwater, water splashes, juice, coffee, steam,
and sweat can also be possible sources of
• Do not drop or give a strong shock to the
product. Failures, such as the loss of focus and
inability to insert the product into the main unit,
may result.
• Never touch the connection terminal. The
product may be disabled under electrostatic
influences. Also, never allow foreign matter
inside the product to avoid possible failures.
• Avoid using the product for applications
requiring more critical reliability than general
• Although the CMOS Image sensor is made of
advanced precision technology, some pixels
may look constantly bright or dark spots.
• The card unit may get somewhat heated after
extended periods of service, but this is not a
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Table of Contents

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