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Introduction - Sharp CE-AG06 Operation Manual

Digital camera card
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This product (digital camera card CE-AG06) can
be used as a digital camera when inserted in a
CF card slot, as in the SL-5500.
Software installed in the main unit allows you to
transmit pictures taken with this product as e-
mail attachments. For more information, refer to
the operation manual of the main unit.
This product can be inserted in the following
Supported models:
Using this product with the SL-5000 requires
updating the software installed in it.
Instructions in manual focus on handling the
product, inserting it into the main unit, such as
the SL-5500 (hereafter simply called "main unit")
and removing it, and taking pictures.
For how to use the picture data that has been
recorded, refer to the operation manual of the
main unit.
(as of January 2002)
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• This product cannot be used with models other
than those listed at left (as of January 2002).
• Having this product inserted in a notebook
computer or the like can result in failure.
• The copyright law provides that pictures you took
with this product cannot be used without prior
permission of the copyright holders, except for
personal entertainment purposes.
Please remember that that taking pictures of live
performance, presentation, exhibits, etc. may be
restricted even though they are used for
personal entertainment purposes.
• Before taking any precious pictures, test-shoot
them to make sure they are saved properly.
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Table of Contents

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