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Sharp AF-S155NX Installation And Operation Manual

Sharp AF-S155NX Installation And Operation Manual

Sharp room air conditioner operation manual


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  • Page 1 AF-S155NX...
  • Page 4: Preliminary Instructions

    Max. Window Width: . Check window opening size - the mounting parts furnished with this air conditioner are made to install in a wooden sill double-hung window. The standard parts are for window dimensions listed above. Open sash to a minimum of 19"(483mm).
  • Page 5: Tools Required

    Power supply cord with 3-prong grounding plug and current detection device 6. Carefully unpack air conditioner - remove all packing material. Protect floor or carpet from damage. Two people should be used to move and install unit. Tools Required a large flat blade screwdriver...
  • Page 6: Remove Chassis

    2. Slide "I" section of window filler panel into side retainer on the side of the cabinet (see Figures 7-8). Do both sides. FIG. 7 PLASTIC FRAME FIG. 8 VIEW FIG. 6 WINDOW FILLER PANEL SIDE RETAINER AIR CONDITIONER PLASTIC CABINET FRAME LOCKING SCREW "I" SECTION WINDOW HOLE FILLER PANEL...
  • Page 7 3. Insert top and bottom legs of window filler panel frame into channel in the to angle and bottom rail. Do both sides. 4. Insert washer head locking screws (2) into holes in top leg of filler panel frame (see Step 6). Do not totally tighten.
  • Page 8: Safety Lock

    WINDOW SASH SEAL 2. Attach right angle safety lock as shown. SAFETY LOCK 1. Lift air conditioner and carefully slide into cabinet leaving 6" protruding. 3. Be sure chassis is firmly seated towards rear of cabinet. 4. Installation of front is the reverse of removal outlined in Section 1.
  • Page 12: To Change Temperature Setting

    TO CHANGE TEMPERATURE SETTING: Note: Tap or hold either up (   ) or down ( ▲ ▲ cally maintained anywhere between 60 F (16 See "To Operate on Fan " section on Page 13. TO ADJUST FAN SPEEDS: Press the Fan Faster button will increase the fan speed from Low (LO), to Medium (ME), to High (HI). The digital display will indicate your chosen speed.
  • Page 13 TO OPERATE ON FAN: Note: Use this function only when cooling is not desired, such as for room air circulation or to exhaust stale air. (Remember to open the vent during this function, but keep it closed during cooling for maximum cooling efficiency.) You can choose any fan speed you prefer. (Exc- ept "Auto Cool").
  • Page 14: Fault Codes

    FAULT CODES If the display reads "ES" or "AS", a sensor has failed. Contact your Authorized SHARP Service Center. Fresh Air Vent Control The Fresh Air Vent allows the air conditioner to: 1. Recirculate inside air - Vent Closed (see Fig. 1) 2.
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