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Sears Craftsman 113.21371 Owner's Manual

15-1/2 inch drill press.
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Number ......................
Model and serial
may be found
at the rear of the head.
You should record both
model and serial number
in a safe place for
future use.
15-1/2 INCH
• assembly
• operating
= repair parts
Sold by SEARS,
IL. 60684
Part No. 71189
_" ' -::; _ / _. ;_


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    You should record both model and serial number in a safe place for future use. CAUTION: Read GENERAL ADDITIONAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS carefully Sold by SEARS, ROEBUCK Part No. 71189 15-1/2 INCH DRILL PRESS • assembly • operating = repair parts CO., Chicago, ®...

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    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY If within one year from the date of purchase, this Craftsman Drill Pressfails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Searswill repair it, free of charge. WARRANTY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE OR SERVICE CENTER THROUGHOUT This warranty givesyou specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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    DON'T operations. DRILL when leaving such as the control, work cord cease rotating. the particular part 10, Use only accessories designed for this drill comply with is dusty. extended periods drill in a position where drill other cutting and chisel.

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    Table and Head Lock Handles Maintenance Lubrication Recommended Accessories Trouble Shooting Repair Parts ... UNPACKING AND CHECKING Model 113.21371 is shipped complete but does not include a motor. Model 113-2137!0 is shipped complete and includes a 1/2 HP 1725 RPM motor. Separate...

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    MOTOR SPECRFICATIONS This drill press is designed to use a 1725 Do not use any motor that runs faster than is wired operation 1!0-120 alternating current. MUST BE CONVERTED OPERATE VOLTS, EVEN RECOMMENDED MOTORS DUAL THESE CRAFTSMAN MOTORS HAVE BEEN...

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    ALL ASSEMBLY STEPS ARE COMPLETED, Unwind the power cord. Make sure the quill lock handle is tight. Stand on, the left side of the drill press and LOOSEN the HEAD LOCK HANDLE. Raise the HEAD about HALF WAY up the column.

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    Apply a light film of oil such as Sears household the spindle nose. Place chuck on the spindle locking collar up as far as it will go. Insert a piece of 1/4" dia. STEEL holes in the chuck body. Insert...

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    Tighten the Table Lock Handle. Locate clamps bolts from the paper tube when first your drill press. These parts make up the TABLE SUPPORT Position TABLE SUPPORT COLLAR the table and tighten the bolts, Loosen the HEAD LOCK HANDLE.

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    9. Gently push down on the FEED head raises upwards as far as it will go. 10, TIGHTEN HEAD LOCK QUILL LOCK HANDLE. 11. HOLD onto the Feed Handle lock handle. 12, Let the quill return to the UP position !3.

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    assembty NOTE: When using motors which have Y2" dia. shafts, place the adapter sleeve (furnished with the shaft so that the slot in the sleeve is over spot. Insert shaft (furnished with grooves in the shaft and pulley so that key is even with the end of the shaft, Tighten...

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    Y2 in. wrench while screws from turning. Plug motor cord into outlet inside of drill Find the plastic CORD among insert pointed into mount. 10. Gather up the slack in the motor CORD TIE around it.,...

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    IN LINE ... tighten the motor mounting nuts with a ½ in. wrench. Place the belt on the pulleys. Put a dab of grease such as Sears gear case lubricant the rubber tip of the BELT TENSIONING Loosen...

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    -4.-- (GROOVES) QU ILL "_ QUILL SPINDLE ASSEMBLY INSIDE OF DRILL PRESS CHUCK _,.__... BELT TENSION ROD.,, maintains constant belt, RELEASE belt tension push GRIP APPLY belt tension, PUSH the MOTOR while pulling DOWN on the GRIP of the rod.

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    NUT against the pointer. Unlock the quill. the pointer. Feed thedrillintotheworkpiece until ANOTHER WAY- With the switch OFF, bring the drill touches the TOP of the WORKPIECE quill. the POINTER to the desired DEPTH and TIGHTEN the STOP NUT against...

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    This permits the light to be "on" setups. Insert into switch. NOTE: plastic. To turn drill ON Insert finger under switch lever and pull. TO turn drill OFF Push lever In an emergency; the drill BINDS STOPS...

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    WARNING: YOUR SAFETY, OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SAFETY Check spindle speed Before operating, turn the switch make sure that the cutting...

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    BARREL LOC Drill Press" to cut. SLOWLY might cause the drill to burn RAPIDLY might stop the motor cause to SLIP tear the workpiece LOOSE the drill bit• metal Sears Thread-cutting jI,_._ RETURN SPRING TABLE LOCK HANDLE TABLE LOCK hANDLE...

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    Periodically lubricate the SPLINES (grooves) and the RACK (teeth on the quill). USE Sears Gear Case Lubricant. Lower quill spindle all the way the quill, Use a small stick of wood and apply the inside of the hole in the spindle pulley.

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    Drill Burns. 1. Incorrect 2. Chips not coming of hole. 3. Dull 4. Feeding 5. Not lubricated, 6. Drill Drill leads off... Hard grain in wood or hole not round. lengths lips and/or not equal. Wood splinters on 1. No "back-up underside, under workpiece.

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    *Screw 70047 tMotor, 71189 Owners 71175 Bag Assy., t Stock Item -- May be secured through the hardware dept. of most Sears Retail or Catalog Outlets. & 113.213710 Description Roll 3/16 (Includes Key Nos. 43 & 44) Lock Barrel Fiber Barrel Hex Hd.

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    ,___i_ ,4d; 11-- 15-----._ 16,----..-"_ Figure 2 PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN DRILL PRESS MODEL NO. 113.21371 & 113.213710 FIGURE 2 PARTS LIST Part 60049 *Screw, Pan Hd., 4-40 x 3/16 71173 Panel, Front 144987 *Screw, Type 71069 Guard *Screw, Type B, Pan Hd., No. 8 x 3/4...

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    PARTS LIST FOR CRAFTSMAN MODEL "+-------3 Figure 3 DRILL PRESS NO. 113.21371 & 113.213710 FIGURE 3 - 71075 SPINDLE Part 71075 37158 3509 71147 27813 60176 27812 STD 551125 STD 541025 38422 STD 541237 STD 522512 71078 71077 +Standard Hardware...

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    Sears Service Co. stores. Be sure to provide or visit. The model number of your 15-1/2 inch drill press on a plate attached to the rear of the head. WHEN ORDERING...

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