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Tool Specifications; Noise/Vibration Information; Machine Elements; For Your Safety - Bosch GDC 42 W Operating Instructions Manual


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EURO • Printed in Brazil • BA 1 609 929 B41 • GDC 42 W • GB • OSW 08/01
GDC 42 W - Buch Seite 1 Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2001 3:48 15

Tool Specifications

Diamond cutter
Part number
Rated power
Output power
No-load speed
Diamond cutting discs Ø
Mounting hole
Cutting depth at 90°, max.
Cutting depth at 45°, max.
Weight (without
optional extras) approx.
Safety class

Machine Elements

1 Water tank
2 Switch lock
3 On/Off switch
4 Handle
5 Residual current device
6 Protective guard
7 Vacuuming connection piece
8 Cutting depth scale
9 Winged screw for cutting depth setting
10 Cutting mark, 0°
11 Guide plate
12 Motor spindle
13 Mounting flange
14 Open-ended spanner
15 Diamond cutting disc*
16 Clamping nut
17 Two-pin spanner for clamping nut
18 Hose set
19 Hose nipple
20 Cutting angle scale
21 Winged screw for cutting angle setting
* Optional extra
* Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are
included as standard delivery.
11 • 1 609 929 B41 • TMS • 23.07.01

Noise/Vibration Information

Measured values determined according to
GDC 42 W
EN 50 144.
0 601 552 0..
Typically the A-weighted noise levels of the prod-
1 300 W
uct are: sound pressure level: 86 dB (A); sound
800 W
power level: 99 dB (A).
11 000 rpm
Wear ear protection!
125 mm
22.2 mm
The typical weighted acceleration is 5.0 m/s
38 mm
31 mm
3.4 kg
/ II
English - 1

For Your Safety

Working safely with this ma-
chine is possible only when the
operating and safety information
are read completely and the in-
structions contained therein are
strictly followed. In addition, the
general safety notes in the en-
closed booklet must be ob-
served. Before using for the first
time, ask for a practical demon-
If the mains cable is damaged or
cut through while working, do not
touch the cable but immediately
pull the mains plug. Never use the
machine with a damaged cable.
For safety reasons, before com-
mencing work, check that the resid-
ual current device is functioning
properly. If the machine has a dam-
aged residual current device or
damaged cable it must be repaired
by the Bosch service centre.
Wear protective goggles, ear pro-
tection and a dust protection mask.
Wear protective gloves and sturdy
When necessary, also wear an

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents