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Getting Started - Acer Air Monitor User Manual

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Getting started

Follow these steps:
1. Attach the appropriate power adapter plug to the USB power adapter.
2. Connect the micro-USB cable to the port on the Air Monitor. If necessary, attach the
micro-USB extension plug first to the device before you connect the micro-USB cable.
Note: Air Monitor should be plugged in at all times, but it also has a built-in backup battery and can
function for a limited time when power is cut off. Air Monitor should be placed in the room you want
to monitor on a flat, stable surface with open air around it – preferably at the normal height level of
your nose, such as on a bookshelf or a side table in the living room, or on a nightstand in a bedroom,
as a few examples. The more open the placement, the better the air reading and Wi-Fi connection. For
the backup battery, it can function for about 6 hours with a Wi-Fi connection. (without Wi-Fi
connection, it can function for about 12 hours)
3. Slide the power switch to the left to turn on the Air Monitor.
Note: The air quality indicator will first cycle through the different colors and begin gathering data.
4. Download the Air Monitor app from either the iOS AppStore or the Google Play store.
Mobile system requirements:
Android : Android 5.0 and above
iOS : iOS 9.0 and above



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