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Product Introduction; Map View - Acer Air Monitor User Manual

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Product Introduction

To view the Product Introduction, tap the menu icon, and then tap on Product Introduction.
This will direct your phone's or tablet's browser to the product page of the Acer Air Monitor.
To access the Settings menu, tap the menu icon, and then tap Settings to adjust certain settings
of the app, such as the temperature display unit and push notifications.
Login/Logout Acer account
To log in or out, tap the menu icon, then tap Login Acer account to create or log in to your
Acer account in order to bind your Air Monitor to your account. If you are logged in, you can
also log out from this screen.

Map View

To access Map View, tap the menu icon, and then tap Map View to show the map locations of
the Air Monitor(s) bound to your account.
Note: You must set the location for each Air Monitor for it to appear in the Map View. For further
instructions please see Device Center section of the manual.
connected to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
The air quality indicator will turn red
during the firmware update process.
When it is complete, you will hear a
beep. It will take about 2 minutes for
Wi-Fi firmware update through the Wi-
Fi connection. It will take 10 or more
minutes for firmware updates done with
the Bluetooth connection.



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