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Using The Application - Acer Air Monitor User Manual

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Using the application

Upon launching the app, you will be greeted with the main screen, which displays a list of Air
Monitor(s) connected to your app.
This screen gives you a quick glance into the indoor air quality index (IAQ) measurement as
well as the connection status to your Acer account via Wi-Fi and via Bluetooth of each Air
You may tap specific Air Monitors if you want to view more information or change their
settings. This will bring you to the screen of the specific Air Monitor you selected showing that
device's real-time indoor air quality index (IAQ), and other readings such as PM2.5, PM10,
CO2eq, TVOC, humidity and temperature. The app will also show the ambient light level. The
screen will re-fresh every minute.
The connection status to the device and to your Acer account will also be shown. More air
quality information and suggestions will be listed on this screen as well.
Scroll down the screen to see historical data of the different measurements if the Air Monitor is
in Acer Cloud connection mode. For example on temperature data, it provides
Day/7Days/30Days views.
if your Air Monitor doesn't connect to Acer Cloud you will not see the historical data.



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