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Precautions On Installation - Haier 1UH071N1ERG Installation Manual

Split system air conditioner
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5. Precautions on installation

If drain holes of the outdoor unit are covered by a
mounting base or by floor surface, raise the unit in order
to provide a free space of more than 130mm under the
outdoor unit.
Foundation work
Check the strength and level of the installation ground
so that the unit will not cause any operating vibration or
noise after installation.
In accordance with the foundation drawing in the figure,
fix the unit securely by means of the foundation bolts.
(Prepare four sets of M12 foundation bolts, nuts and
washers each which are available on the market.)
It is best to screw in the foundation bolts until their length
are 20mm from the foundation surface.
Fix the outdoor unit to the foundation bolts using nuts
with resin washers(1) as shown in the figure.
If the coating on the fastening area is stripped off, the
nuts rust easily.
Dimensions (bottom view)(unit of measurement:mm)
A leg pitch1
B leg pitch2
C Front grill (air outlet side)
D Drain hole
E Bottom frame
K Knock-out hole (for piping line)
5.2.Selection of installation location of outdoor
(1)Single-unit installation (unit: mm)
Back and side
Above 150
Front and back
Height of barriers is
below that of outdoor unit
Above 300

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