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Honeywell W7622D Installation Instructions

Triac output board.
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The W7622D Triac Output Board ("Triac Board") is a Type F,
four-output accessory board that increases DeltaNet
MicroCel™ Controller ("M-CEL") output from four to eight
using triacs as spst switches. Each M-CEL can use only one
output board. If an M-CEL has an output board, the Triac
Board can replace it.
Outputs can be used for standard on/off control. In sets of
two, they can be used to modulate Series 60 (floating) control
with on-time resolution as low as 10 ms.
Maximum voltage
Maximum current
Minimum current
Latching current
Holding current
M-CEL models
NOTE: All wiring must conform to applicable local codes,
ordinances, and regulations.
� Remove power from M-CEL. Remove metal cover.
If power is connected via screw terminals, you
MUST remove power at its source rather than
removing each wire individually. Removing
individual wires can cause damage.
Copyright © 1991 Honeywell Inc. • All Rights Reserved
Four isolated triac (spst)
30V ac
0.5A steady, 4.0A surge
50 mA
20 mA
5 mA
Each triac is isolated and can
be powered from separate or
common 24V ac or dc sources.
R7515A3030, R7515B3004,
and R7516B3011 (Triac
Boards can only be mounted in
M-CELs that have a large
enclosure [7.9 in. long X 6.6 in.
wide X 4.95 in. deep, 201 X
167.6 X 125.8 mm])
Triac Output Board
� If an existing output board is in place, remove
the board:
a. Remove the two self-tapping screws and metal
standoffs that secure the board to the bracket.
b. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, compress
the tab of the white plastic standoff (located near
the center of the board) and, at the same time,
carefully rotate the board away from the screw
terminal bracket to free the 10-pin connector
located on the back of the board near its
bottom edge.
� Starting with the Triac Board at an angle, align the
bottom part of the 10-pin connector to the 10 holes in
the bottom of the Triac Board. Rotate the Triac Board
toward the main bracket and allow the plastic standoff
to secure and center the board.
� Using the two long self-tapping screws, as well as the
two metal standoffs, secure the Triac Board to the
terminal strip bracket.
� Attach the new wiring label over the existing label on
the bracket.
� Wire to the outputs with 18 AWG (0.8012 sq mm) wire.
See job drawings for specific wiring. See Wiring
Diagram (this sheet) for terminal locations.
� After ensuring that there are no metal or wire scraps in
the M-CEL case, reconnect power and resecure cover.


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