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Phone Installation - Samsung SP-C700R Owner's Manual

900 mhz wide phone
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Phone Installation

Installing the Base Set
When you have finished installing the base set, press "On Hook "button and check for a dial tone.
If you cannot hear a dial tone, then check both the power and phone line connections.
This product works for 220V.
Installing the Remote Set
Place the remote set on the charger and check if the lamplight is on.
Press the call button and check for a dial tone.
If you cannot hear the tone, check the installation.
To turn on / off the power
To turn on the power: Press
you begin to hear the beeping sound.
If it does not turn on when you press
need to recharge the remote set. It should then automatically turn on.
Please recharge the battery for 24 hours before using it.
If you do not charge the battery for at least 6 hours, then in order to
protect it, the battery must be fully charged or it will stop operating.
To turn off the power: Press
you hear the beeping sound.
DC 12V 500mA
DC 12V 500mA
button (hold for more than 2 seconds) until
button, then you probably
buttons (hold for more than 3 seconds) until
Loading the battery to the remote set
Connect the phone line.
Open the
battery cover.
Connect the power
plug to 220V.
How to use the battery
Charge the battery for approximately 24
hours before using.
Always remove the battery from the remote
set, when you are not using it for an
extended period.
It is best to charge the battery until you see
Connect the power
the (
plug to 220V.
Battery life
Place the
Rearrange the
Close the
battery as
line by setting
battery cover.
shown in the
the battery as
shown in the
@@ @@
) sign on the screen.
The battery life has a 6-month warranty after
As time goes by, there will be a reduction in the
battery's power. When battery's power capacity is
reduced by half, purchase a new battery and
replace it.
Please contact your local Samsung Electronics
Service Center on how to purchase and replace
the battery.



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