Samsung DA99-00478C Instruction Manual

Samsung fridge/freezer instruction manual.
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Instruction Manual
Before operating the appliance, please read this
manual thoroughly and retain it for future refererce.
DA99-00478C REV(0.0)

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  • Page 1

    ENGLISH FRIDGE/FREEZER Instruction Manual Before operating the appliance, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future refererce. DA99-00478C REV(0.0)

  • Page 2: S Afety P Recautions

    DO NOT allow children to: Play in or around the fridge/ freezer Hang on the refrigerator door Children may be injured and the appliance may be damaged. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Changing the Light Bulb ... Problems and Solutions... IEW OF RIDGE REEZER Thank you for purchasing a SAMSUNG fridge/freezer. Please take the time to read these instructions, as they will enable you to take full advantage of your new appliance. Contents...

  • Page 4: Main Features, Model Specifications

    This operation is fully automatic and requires no intervention by you. This integrated ventilation system helps remove odor from the refrigerator, by moving the air in such a way that smells cannot collect and contaminate the food. The bio-deodorizer is located at the top of fresh food compartment.

  • Page 5: Choosing Where To Install Your Fridge/freezer, Earthing The Fridge/freezer

    Plugged into its own individual wall outlet with the correct voltage and frequency, as indicated inside the refrigerator door Properly earthed (do not ground the fridge/freezer with a telephone line, gas pipe, and so on) To minimise the possibility of electric shocks from the appliance, the wall outlet must also be earthed;...

  • Page 6: Preparing Your Fridge/freezer For Use, Adjusting The Feet

    Plug the power cord into the appropriate earthed wall outlet. Set the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, referring to pages 8 and 10, respectively for further instructions. Wait for 2-3 hours for the freezer to reach the required tem- perature, before placing frozen food in the freezer.

  • Page 7: Arranging The Accessories

    Arranging the Accessories The shelves and compartments inside the refrigerator can be rearranged for greater convenience. To change the Then... position of... A crystal shelf / Pull the shelf towards you until it reaches the A tempered glass shelf stop...

  • Page 8: Controlling The Refrigerator Temperature, Storing Food

    (refrigerator relatively empty) Depending on the room temperature, you may need to turn the refrigerator up or down slightly. If it is very low set the refrigerator temperature to COLD. In case of being much foods in fresh food compartment, specially in summer, turn the freezer temperature dial to "QUICK COOLING"...

  • Page 9: Using The Vegetable Bin

    Result: The cover closes automatically. Make sure, however, that the cover is correctly closed before shutting the refrigerator door. Using the Multi-Purpose Drawer The multi-purpose drawer can be used as both Chiller compartment and Vegetable bin by changing the location of drawer.

  • Page 10: Controlling The Freezer Temperature, Freezing Food

    Controlling the Freezer Temperature Freezing Food When setting the freezer temperature, you must take into account the following factors: The amount of food to be frozen The temperature of the room in which the fridge/freezer is placed To... Then set the temperature to... Store large quantities QUICK FREEZING of food (freezer full)

  • Page 11: Making Ice Cubes

    Making Ice Cubes (OPTION) TWIST ICE MAKER Making Ice Cubes Remove the ice cube tray by pulling it towards you. Fill the tray with water up to the maximum water level marked on the rear of the tray. Slide the tray back into the holder, taking care not to spill the water.

  • Page 12: Cleaning The Fridge/freezer

    Remove the accessories, referring to page 7 for further details, if necessary. Wash them with a soft cloth or sponge and warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry them. If the refrigerator has an unpleasant smell: Remove the bio-deodorizer Soak the catalyst in pure water...

  • Page 13: Changing The Light Bulb

    Changing the Light Bulb Caution : Unplug the refrigerator before replacing light Bulbs. When you open the refrigerator door, a light comes on to help you find what you are looking for more easily. If you need to replace the bulb, proceed as follows.

  • Page 14: Problems And Solutions

    If you cannot solve the problem, note: The nature of the problem and any warranty information The type and model indicated on the centre of the fridge/freezer Then contact your local dealer or nearest Samsung after-sales service. Explanation/Solution Check that the fridge/freezer is correctly plugged in.

  • Page 15: View Of Your Fridge/freezer


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