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Toshiba TR1X426110 Owner's Manual

Server rack enclosure.
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Doc. No.: 99881-001
June 2018


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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba TR1X426110

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    This Page Intentionally Left Blank...

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    Usage includes atomic energy control instruments, airplane or spaceship instruments, transportation instruments, traffic signal instruments, combustion control instruments, life-support equipment, all types of safety devices, etc. Unintended Usage of Toshiba products listed in this document shall be made at the customer’s own risk.

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    Toshiba Server Rack Enclosure Complete the information below for the Toshiba International Corporation product received. Please complete the following information and retain for your records. Model Number: _______________________________________________________________________ Serial Number: _______________________________________________________________________ Application: __________________________________________________________________________ Shipment Date: ______________________________________________________________________ Installation Date: _____________________________________________________________________ Inspected By: ________________________________________________________________________...

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    Toshiba International Corporation reserves the right, without prior notice, to update information, make product changes, or to discontinue any product or service identified in this publication. TOSHIBA is a registered trademark of the Toshiba Corporation. All other product or trade references appearing in this manual are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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    Toshiba Customer Support Center Toshiba’s Customer Support Center can be contacted to obtain help in resolving any product problems that you may experience or to provide application information. Customer Support Center 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) – Monday through Friday Toll Free (877) 867-8773 Option 1: Order Processing &...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Removing Side Panels ....................10 Removing/Installing Top Panel ..................10 Joining (Baying) Enclosures .................... 11 Adjusting Mounting Rails ......................11 Installing Equipment ....................... 12 Installing Cage Nut ......................... 13 Specifications ......................... 14 Service ........................... 15 Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 8: General Safety Instructions

    Electrical Hazard Symbol A symbol which indicates a hazard of injury from electrical shock or burn. It is comprised of an equilateral triangle enclosing a lightning bolt. Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 9: Important Safety Information

    Save all packaging for later use. Repackaging and shipping the enclosure without original packaging may cause damages that will void warranty.  Ensure the enclosure is installed on a flat, level surface for proper operation. Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 10: Unintended Usage

    (computer, personal equipment, office equipment, measuring equipment, industrial robotics, domestic appliances, etc.). These Toshiba products are neither intended nor warranted for use in equipment that, if a malfunction or failure occurs, may result in loss of human life or bodily injury (collectively referred to as “Unintended Usage”).

  • Page 11: Introduction

    19 inch rackmount hardware and comes in 42U rack height size. The Toshiba Server Rack Enclosure comes with split side panels for easy removal and rear double doors for easy mounting and maintenance. The front and rear doors are perforated for high ventilation. The enclosure also comes with leveling feet and heavy-duty casters.

  • Page 12: Inspection/storage/disposal

    Rack Enclosure Figure 6.1 – Model# TR1X426110 shown Inspection/Storage/Disposal 7.1 Inspection Upon receipt of the rack enclosure, an inspection for shipping damage should be performed prior to unpacking. If damage has occurred during shipping, keep all original packaging material and contact your shipping agent.

  • Page 13: Rack Enclosure Installation

    Save the brackets for later use. The brackets can be attached to the enclosure and floor to provide additional stability. Ensure the brackets are tightened until the brackets are flush to the rack. Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 14: Moving The Enclosure

    This method is used the leveling feet. when the rack enclosure is empty. Note: This method requires the doors to be removed. Figure 8.2 – Leveling Feet Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 15: Ground Connection

    WARNING: Attach each enclosure to earth ground separately. Do not use the enclosure without an earth ground connection. Figure 8.4 – Rear Threaded Grounding Point (Rear Frame on Bottom) Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 16: Enclosure Configuration

    Rotate the hinge 180 degrees and install the hinge onto the other side of the enclosure frame. Repeat this step for the lower hinge. Figure 9.2 – Screw on Door Hinge Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 17: Removing Side Panels

    7) Reinstall the door handle by removing the cam screw, cam washer, and cam. Rotate the cam washer 90 degrees, and the latch 180 degrees. Install the handle on the door. 8) Remove and reinstall the Toshiba nameplate. 9.2 Removing Side Panels 1) Unlock the panel with the key provided.

  • Page 18: Joining (baying) Enclosures

    There are 4 mounting rails (2 rear, 2 front) pre-installed to support equipment with a mounting depth of 27.8 inches (707.6 mm). Do not adjust the mounting rails unless your equipment requires a different mounting depth. Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 19: Installing Equipment

    2) The square holes at the middle of each rack unit are numbered. A single rack unit includes the space occupied by the numbered hole and the holes directly above and below. Figure 11.1 – Rack Unit / Numbered Holes Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 20: Installing Cage Nut

    Grasp the cage nut and squeeze the sides to release it from the square hole. Note: You may wish to use a cage nut tool (user-supplied) to help with cage nut installation and removal. Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 21: Specifications

    Minimum/Maximum Mounting Depth Models 1100mm depth 1200mm depth Minimum Depth 190.82mm (7.51in) 190.82mm (7.51in) Maximum Depth w/ PDU Channel Installed 803.57mm (31.64in) 903.57mm (35.57in) Maximum Depth w/o PDU Channel Installed 943.27mm (37.14in) 1043.27mm (41.07in) Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

  • Page 22: Service

     Reference the instructions manual to see if it can resolve the issue or problem. If issue persist, contact Toshiba International Corporations support group for further assistance. See Contact Customer Support section for contact numbers or visit Note the model number and serial number and the date of purchase. The model and serial ...

  • Page 23

    Conservez tous les emballages pour une utilisation ultérieure. Le remballage et l'expédition de l'enceinte sans emballage d'origine peuvent entraîner des dommages qui annuleront la garantie.  Assurez-vous que le boîtier est installé sur une surface plate et plane pour un fonctionnement correct. Toshiba Rack Enclosure Installation Manual – 99881-000...

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    SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS GROUP POWER ELECTRONICS DIVISION 13131 West Little York Rd., Houston, TX 77041 Tel: 713-466-0277 Fax 713-466-8773 US 877-867-8773 Canada 800-872-2192 Mexico 01-800-527-1204 Printed in China...

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