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User's Manual - Epson OT-WLO2 User Manual

Wireless lan cable set
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Notes on Setting SSID (Service Set Identifier)
For protection of security, note the following precautions when setting the SSID.
Change the SSID from the default setting.
Do not set texts by which the owner can be identified as the SSID.
Notes on Setting Cryptographic Key
For protection of security, note the following precautions when setting the
cryptographic key.
Avoid using words on a dictionary as practicably as possible.
Combine meaningless alphanumeric characters and symbols.
Use texts consisted of at least 13 characters or more or of 20 characters or
more if possible.
Connectable Products
This product can be connected to the following products in accordance with
IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n.
Computers with a built-in wireless LAN function
Access points
However, available communication modes may be restricted by the
specifications of the connected device.
Connecting the Wireless LAN Unit
To connect the wireless LAN unit to the printer, you can connect it directly or
use the USB extension cable.
If connecting the wireless LAN unit directly causes interference with other
cables or bad communication situation, use the included USB extension
Connecting the Unit Directly with the Printer
Insert the wireless LAN unit to an USB connector of the printer.
The position of the USB connector varies by printer. For details, see the user's
manual for each printer.
Wireless LAN unit
USB connector



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