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Usage Precautions - Epson OT-WLO2 User Manual

Wireless lan cable set
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This product is Wireless LAN Cable Set for Epson TM Printers.
Make sure this product can be used with your printer by checking the
printer's manuals and so on.
This manual provides information about installation and basic operations to
enable safe and correct use of this product.
Read this manual carefully, and store it in an accessible location to allow you
to solve any unknown points quickly.

Usage Precautions

Notes on Security when Using Wireless LAN
(Important information on customer rights (maintaining privacy))
The advantage of using a wireless LAN over a LAN cable is that, because
information is exchanged using radio signals, you can easily connect to the
network if you are within range of the radio signals. A disadvantage of this is
that within a certain range, the electromagnetic signals can pass through
barriers such as walls, so that if security countermeasures are not
implemented in some way, problems such as the following may occur.
Communicated data can be intercepted
A third party may be able to receive wireless transmissions without
authorization, and they could obtain personal information from these
transmissions such as IDs, passwords, or credit card numbers, or they
could intercept the contents of personal e-mail messages.
Unauthorized access to the network
A third party could access an individual or intra-company network
without permission and carry out any of the following activities.
- Retrieve personal data or other secret information (information leakage)
- Pose as another user and send inappropriate data (impersonation)
- Overwrite the contents of intercepted data and resend it (falsification)
- Introduce a computer virus which could cause data loss or system
crashes (damage)
Initially, the possibility that such problems could occur through settings
concerning the security of the wireless LAN product and by using the
product are decreased, because the wireless LAN card and the access
point have security measures to deal with these problems. We
recommend that you use this product after making security settings
using your own judgment and assuming full responsibility, and with your
full understanding of problems that may occur if you do not make any
security settings.



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