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Honeywell LYRIC T6 Manual

Smart thermostat
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Attractive, ultra-modern styling makes it ideal for any location
in any type of home.
Table stand or wall-box mounting thermostat options to fit a
new and replacement installations.
Wi-Fi communication to connect to the Internet
- Smart Home and Apple HomeKit ready
Lyric mobile App for:
- Remote view and change of settings
- Schedule changes
- Smartphone Geolocation temperature control
A dynamic text display on the LCD that gives enhanced
feedback to the user / installer.
High LCD Contrast and backlighting for easier viewing in all
light conditions.
Time out screen with selectable brightness
Factory programmed daily or 5+2 default heating schedule.
Schedule with up to 6 independent time and temperature
pairs to suit the comfort needs.
"Hold until" temperature override of programmed schedule
temperature till the next switch point.
Schedule off mode for manual operation.
Setpoint and room temperature always displayed.
OFF position has an integral frost protection setting at
minimum 5C so that pipes in the house will never freeze in
Alert messages to assist in fault-finding.
LYRIC T6 and T6R
The Lyric T6/T6R smart thermostats are designed to
provide automatic time and temperature control of heating
systems in homes and apartments.
It's compatible with 24-230V on/off and OpenTherm®
appliances such as gas boilers, combi-boilers and heat
pump. Also works with zone valve applications but not with
electric heating (240V).
The Lyric T6 is for wired on the wall installations and the
Lyric T6R for table stand installations (wireless). Both
consist of a thermostat and a Receiver box.
The solution is designed with the installer in mind and
includes a Receiver module with mounting options for
directly on the wall or on a wall box. Wiring can be from
below or from the back by lifting the terminal platform,
which makes installation quick and easy.
The thermostat has a high contrast PMVA display with
dynamic text line and touch screen buttons. The
thermostat has a simple programming philosophy to make
it easier to install and very user friendly..
The Lyric T6 is ideal for consumers who want to control
their comfort remotely and is based on a modern design,
which is simple to program and easy to use.
Receiver box with clear LED indication and override button
A flip up wiring platform for easy wiring
On/Off or OpenTherm
User menu allows extra functions to be set at the discretion of
the user:
Language selection
Wi-FI setup
Clock setting.
Resetting the heating program to factory default.
Temperature offset.
Lock function
Advanced menu (Installer Set-Up) allows extra functions to
be set at the discretion of the installer to match the
consumers applications and needs:
Language selection
5+2 or daily schedule option
Upper / Lower Set point Limit Adjust.
Minimum ON time.
Cycle rate.
Factory Reset.
Binding (wireless version)
compatible heating control.
LYRIC-T6-EN0H 8603 NL01 R1216


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  • Page 1 Also works with zone valve applications but not with electric heating (240V). The Lyric T6 is for wired on the wall installations and the Lyric T6R for table stand installations (wireless). Both consist of a thermostat and a Receiver box.
  • Page 3: Specifications

    24 V~, 50...60 Hz, 0.5 A to 5 A resistive 0.5 A to 3 A inductive (0.6 pf)  Lyric T6 (wired) 103 x 103 x 28 mm Dimensions (w x h x d) Lyric T6R (wireless) 108 x 103 x 68 mm ...
  • Page 4: Advanced Menu

    LYRIC T6 SMART THERMOSTAT ADVANCED MENU To enter the Advanced menu (installer set-up): Press the menu key for 5 seconds. Specific Applications Setting What do you need to change? Minimu Note : Cycle a. To change Cycle/Hour, ON time b. To change Minimum ON Time,...
  • Page 5 LYRIC T6 SMART THERMOSTAT Menu item Default Options Language English English, Francais, Espanol, Deutsch, Nederlands, Italiano OpenTherm OpenTherm boiler data when a vailable Cycle rate 3,6,9 or 12 Min on time 1 minute 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes Min = 5.0...
  • Page 6: Installation

    Before removing the old thermostat take a picture of the old thermostat’s wiring as a reference then proceed to installation. The Lyric T6 thermostat should not be placed near draughts, in direct sunlight or near heat sources. It should be at least 1.2 - 1.5 meters from the floor.
  • Page 7: Complete Installation

    LYRIC T6 SMART THERMOSTAT Install the Lyric T6 wired thermostat A. Wall plate B. Surface wiring C. Place thermostat Using a screwdriver open wall plate Connect 2 thermostat wires to the Attach the thermostat to the wall plate terminal cover to connect wires.
  • Page 8: Setup And Configuration

    LYRIC T6 SMART THERMOSTAT Setup and configuration After power up, SETUP is displayed on the thermostat’s screen. Select language. Set clock format, time Touch to begin. and date. setup Touch to finalise setup. to setup using the Lyric App is currently unsupported) Once setup is completed go to the advanced menu to change application specific changes.
  • Page 9 LYRIC T6 SMART THERMOSTAT WIRING Note: Wiring diagrams are for Lyric T6 wired thermostat solution, for Lyric T6R wireless thermostat the thermostat is not wired to the Receiver box and the terminals are also not available. LYRIC-T6-EN0H 8603 NL01 R1216...
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    Y6H910WF1011 5025121381031 All packaging contains 6 languages: English, Dutch, Smart Thermostat wireless (UK) Y6H910RW4022 5025121381024 French, German, Italian and Spanish Large cover plate Lyric T6 ACC400 5025121381123 Smart Thermostat wired (Retail) Y6R910WF6042 5025121381000 Smart Thermostat wireless (Retail) Y6R910RW8021 5025121381116 Honeywell Control Systems Limited...

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