Care And Cleaning - Kenmore 100.8910890A Use & Care Manual

Tilt head 3 & 5 qt
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Available languages

To help determine the ideal mixing time for a recipe, observe the batter or dough
and mix only until it has the desired appearance described in your recipe, such as
"smooth and creamy".
Always add ingredients as close to the side of the bowl as possible, not directly
into the moving beater.
When adding Nuts, Raisins or Candied Fruits, follow individual recipes for guidelines
on including these ingredients. In general, solid materials should be folded in during the
last few seconds of mixing on Speed 1. The batter should be thick enough to prevent
the fruit or nuts from sinking to the bottom of the pan during baking. Sticky fruits should
be dusted with our for better distribution in the batter.
Mixtures containing large amounts of liquid ingredients should be mixed at lower
speeds to avoid splashing. Increase mixer speed only after the mixture has thickened.
accessories. Failure to do so can result in broken bones, cuts or bruises.
Always unplug Stand Mixer before cleaning. Do not immerse Mixer in water.
The exterior of the Mixer should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.
NOTE: Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads when cleaning your
Stand Mixer. NEVER immerse the body of the Stand Mixer in water or any liquid.
Always remove attachments from Mixer before cleaning. Wash all attachments by hand
or in dishwasher except Wire Whip, which should only be hand washed. Rinse and dry
Beaters, Attachments and Bowls should be washed as soon as possible after use to
keep food from drying on them.


Injury Hazard: Unplug mixer before touching beaters or other

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents