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Configuration Guides
Version 1.0
Yeastar Information Technology Co. Ltd.


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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic KX-UT113

  • Page 1 Panasonic Configuration Guides Version 1.0 Yeastar Information Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Page 2 Panasonic Configuration Guides Contents About This Guide ...................... 3 Register Panasonic IP phone with MyPBX Manually ..........4 Provisioning for MyPBX .................... 8 2/11...
  • Page 3: About This Guide

    Panasonic Configuration Guides About This Guide This guide is applicable to Panasonic IP Phone KX-UT113 /KX-UT123 /KX-UT133 /KX-UT136 /KX-UT248/KX-UT670/TGP500/TGP550. Please note: This guide has been tested with Panasonic KX-UT123 with firmware version 01.278. Be aware that different firmware versions may have different web interface formats and functionality.
  • Page 4 For more detailed instructions about how to reset IP phone, please refer to Panasonic IP phone manual. Register Panasonic IP phone with MyPBX Manually 1. Start up the phone and identify its IP Address. In this guide, the IP Address of the phone is, and IP Address of the MyPBX is...
  • Page 5 Figure 1-2 Identify the IP of Panasonic Phone 2. Open the web port of Panasonic phone Figure 1-3 Open the Web Port of Panasonic Phone 3. Point your browser to the web interface of the phone: and enter the login credentials (default username "admin"; default password "adminpass")
  • Page 6 Panasonic Configuration Guides Registrar Server Port: the default value is 5060.  2) Authentication Figure 1-5 SIP Authentication Source Port : the SIP port number for each line must be unique,  default value: 5060 (for Line 1) and 5070 (for Line 2).
  • Page 7 Panasonic Configuration Guides Figure 1-7 Other Settings Set these options by default as the figure shows  5. Click the button “Save” and the phone will register with MyPBX. This can be verified via “Status” both of the IP phone and PBX.
  • Page 8 Verify the firmware version currently installed on the “Status” page. 2. Plug Phone into the network Plug your Panasonic IP phone into your LAN. (The Phone must be on the same LAN as that of MyPBX’s IP address). 3. Approve Phone and Assign an Extension...
  • Page 9 E.g. Disable DHCP Server on Linksys Router. Figure 2-1 Disable DHCP Server on Linksys Router Step2. Make sure DHCP is enabled on Panasonic IP phone. The default setting of DHCP for IP Phone is “Automatic”, so you can skip this step and go to next step.
  • Page 10 Figure 2-3 Phone Provisioning 2) Fill in the phone detail message on the pop-up windows. Input IP Phone’s MAC address, Name, Manufacturer, Phone type,Line, Extension and so on for the phone. In this case, Panasonic KX-UT123 IP phone’s MAC address is 0080f005BF96 10/11...
  • Page 11 Panasonic Configuration Guides Figure 2-4 Add Panasonic Phone Step4. Save the settings and reset the IP phone manually to make configuration take effect. Figure 2-5 Reset Panasonic Phone Step5. Done. <End> 11/11...

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