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Asus Z016D User Manual

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  • Page 1 User Guide 15060-80400000 E11572...
  • Page 2: Front Features

    Before you start, ensure that you have read all the safety information and operating instructions in this User Guide to prevent injury or damage to your device. NOTE: For the latest updates and more detailed information, please visit Front features Front camera P-sensor LED indicator...
  • Page 3: Side Features

    Side features Audio jack Microphone Volume key Micro SIM, nano SIM/ microSD combo card slot Power key Microphone USB Type-C port Speaker NOTES: • The micro SIM card slot supports GSM/ GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA+/DC-HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, FDD-LTE, and TD- LTE DSDS network bands. • The microSD card slot supports microSD and microSDHC card formats.
  • Page 4: Rear Features

    Rear features NFC area Rear camera IR sensor Camera flash Fingerprint sensor Rear cover...
  • Page 5: Charging Your Asus Phone

    Charging your ASUS Phone To charge your ASUS Phone: 1. Connect the USB connector into the power adapter’s USB port. 2. Connect the other end of the USB Type-C cable to your ASUS Phone. 3. Plug the power adapter into a wall socket. IMPORTANT! • When using your ASUS Phone while it is plugged to a power outlet, the grounded power outlet must be near to the unit and easily accessible. • When charging your ASUS Phone through your computer, ensure that you plug the USB Type-C cable to your computer’s USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port. • Avoid charging your ASUS Phone in an environment with ambient temperature of above C (95 NOTES: • Use only the power adapter that came with your device. Using a different power adapter may damage your device. •...
  • Page 6: Microsd Card

    Installing a micro SIM/ nano SIM/ microSD card To install a micro SIM/ nano SIM/ microSD card: 1. Push a pin into the hole on the micro SIM/ nano SIM/ microSD card slot to eject the tray out. 2. Insert the micro SIM / nano SIM or microSD card(s) into the card slot(s). IMPORTANT! You can only use the nano SIM card or the microSD card at a time.
  • Page 7: Using Nfc

    3. Push the tray to close it. CAUTION! • Do not use sharp tools or solvent on your device to avoid scratches on it. • Use only a standard micro SIM card on your ASUS Phone. A nano to micro SIM adapter or a trimmed SIM card may not properly fit into and may not be detected by your ASUS Phone. DO NOT install an empty nano to micro • SIM adapter into the micro SIM card slot to avoid irreversible damage.
  • Page 8 Card Emulation mode: Your phone can be used like a contactless card. Place the NFC area of your phone on the NFC area of the NFC reader. Peer-to-Peer mode: Transfers photos, contacts, or other data between your phone and an NFC- enabled smartphone. Bring the NFC areas of both smartphones together, without any space between them.
  • Page 9: Ce Rf Exposure Compliance

    CE RF Exposure Compliance This device meets the EU requirements (1999/519/ EC) on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields by way of health protection. For body-worn operation, this device has been tested and meets the ICNIRP guidelines and the European Standard EN 62209-2, for use with dedicated accessories. SAR is measured with this device at a separation of 0.5 cm to the body, while transmitting at the highest certified output power level in all frequency bands of this device. Use of other accessories which contain metals may not ensure compliance with ICNIRP exposure guidelines. CE Mark Warning CE marking for devices with wireless LAN/ Bluetooth This equipment complies with the requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC of the European Parliament and Commission from 9 March, 1999 governing Radio and Telecommunications Equipment and mutual recognition of conformity.The highest CE SAR values for the device are as follows: • 0.663 W/Kg (Head) @10g • 0.970 W/Kg (Body) @10g This device is restricted for indoor use only when operating under 5150 MHz to 5350 MHz of frequency range.
  • Page 10: Using Gps (Global Positioning System) On Your Asus Phone

    For 5GHz WLAN: This equipment may be operated in: Using GPS (Global Positioning System) on your ASUS Phone To use the GPS positioning feature on your ASUS Phone: • Ensure that your device is connected to the Internet before using Google Map or any GPS-enabled apps. • For first-time use of a GPS-enabled app on your device, ensure that you are outdoors to get the best positioning data.
  • Page 11: Safety Information

    Safety information ASUS Phone care • Use your ASUS Phone in an environment with ambient temperatures between 0 °C (32 °F) and 35 °C (95 °F). The battery Your ASUS Phone is equipped with a high performance non-detachable Li-polymer battery. Observe the maintenance guidelines for a longer battery life. • Do not remove the non-detachable Li-polymer battery as this will void the warranty. • Avoid charging in extremely high or low temperature. The battery performs optimally in an ambient temperature of +5 °C to +35 °C. • Do not remove and replace the battery with a non-approved battery. • Do not remove and soak the battery in water or any other liquid. • Never try to open the battery as it contains substances that might be harmful if swallowed or allowed to come into contact with unprotected skin. • Do not remove and short-circuit the battery, as it may overheat and cause a fire. Keep it away from jewelry or metal objects. • Do not remove and dispose of the battery in fire. It could explode and release harmful substances into the environment.
  • Page 12: Operator Access With A Tool

    NOTES: • Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. • Dispose of used battery according to the instructions. The charger • Use only the charger supplied with your ASUS Phone. • Never pull the charger cord to disconnect it from the power socket. Pull the charger itself. Caution Your ASUS Phone is a high quality piece of equipment. Before operating, read all instructions and cautionary markings on the (1) AC Adapter. • Do not use the ASUS Phone in an extreme environment where high temperature or high humidity exists. The ASUS Phone performs optimally in an ambient temperature between 0 °C (32 °F) and 35 °C (95 °F). • Do not disassemble the ASUS Phone or its accessories. If service or repair is required, return the unit to an authorized service center. If the unit is disassembled, a risk of electric shock or fire may result. • Do not short-circuit the battery terminals with metal items. Operator access with a tool...
  • Page 13: Asus Recycling/Takeback Services

    ASUS Recycling/Takeback Services ASUS recycling and takeback programs come from our commitment to the highest standards for protecting our environment. We believe in providing solutions for you to be able to responsibly recycle our products, batteries, other components as well as the packaging materials. Please go to http:// for detailed recycling information in different regions. Regional notice for Singapore This ASUS Phone complies with IDA Standards.
  • Page 14: Proper Disposal

    Proper disposal Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. DO NOT throw the battery in municipal waste. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the battery should not be placed in municipal waste. DO NOT throw this product in municipal waste. This product has been designed to enable proper reuse of parts and recycling. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the product (electrical, electronic equipment and mercury-containing button cell battery) should not be placed in municipal waste. Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products.
  • Page 15: Eu Declaration Of Conformity

    EU Declaration of Conformity We, the undersigned, Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Address: 4F, No. 150, LI-TE Rd., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Authorized representative in Europe: ASUS COMPUTER GmbH Address, City: HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN Country: GERMANY declare the following apparatus: ASUS Phone...
  • Page 16 Nosotros, los abajo firmantes, Fabricante: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Dirección: 4F, No. 150, LI-TE Rd., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Representante autorizado en Europa: ASUS COMPUTER GmbH Dirección, Ciudad: HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN País: GERMANY Declaramos el siguiente producto: ASUS Phone...
  • Page 17 Declaração CE de Conformidade Nós, os abaixo-assinados, Fabricante: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Endereço: 4F, No. 150, LI-TE Rd., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Representante autorizado na Europa: ASUS COMPUTER GmbH Endereço, cidade: HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN País: GERMANY declaramos o seguinte aparelho: ASUS Phone...
  • Page 18 EU Uygunluk Beyanı Biz, bu imza altındakiler Üretici: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Adres: 4F, No. 150, LI-TE Rd., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Avrupa’daki Yetkili: ASUS COMPUTER GmbH Adres, Şehir: HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN Ülke: ALMANYA Aşağıdaki ürünleri beyan ediyoruz : ASUS Phone Ürün adı...
  • Page 19 ASUS Address: 4F, 150 Li-Te Road, Peitou, Taipei, Taiwan Tel: 886228943447 Fax: 886228907698 Declaration We declare that the IMEI codes for this product, ASUS Phone, are unique to each unit and only assigned to this model. The IMEI of each unit is factory set and cannot be altered by the user and that it complies with the relevant IMEI integrity related requirements expressed in the GSM standards. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please contact us. Sincerely yours, ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Tel: 886228943447 Fax: 886228907698 Support: Support for United States: Copyright © 2016 ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

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