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LG LCS726BO1 Owner's Manual page 18

Smart car audio
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Power doesn't turned on.
The unit doesn't operate.
No sound is heard.
There's audio skipping.
The playback is not possible.
Radio stations cannot be tuned in.
iPod/ iPhone does not work.
The unit does not operate correctly
even when the appropriate remote
control buttons are pressed.
Leads and connectors are not properly.
The fuse is blown.
Noise and other factors are causing the built in
microprocessor to operate incorrectly.
Cables are not connected correctly.
This unit is not fi rmly secured.
The disc is dirty.
The disc of unplayable type is loaded.
The signal strength of the stations is too weak. (When tuning
in with automatic tuning.)
No station has been preset or preset stations have been
cleared. (When tuning by scanning preset stations.)
Check whether iPod / iPhone is connected to the unit
Battery power is low.
Confi rm once more that all connections are correct.
Rectify the problem that caused the fuse to blow, and then replace it. Be very sure
to install the correct fuse with the same rate.
Turn the unit off and then on again.
Connect the cables correctly.
Secure this unit fi rmly.
Clean the disc.
Check what type the disc.
Tuned in the stations manually.
Preset the stations.
Connect it to the unit correctly.
Load a new battery.



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