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LG LCS520IP Owner's Manual

Smart car audio


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Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
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Summary of Contents for LG LCS520IP

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL SMART CAR AUDIO Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. LCS520IP...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    Getting Started or any functions. Pull over in a safe and Disposal of waste batteries/ Safety Information legal manner before attempting such accumulators operations. CAUTION 1. When this crossed-out CAUTION: This product employs a Laser Do not use for many hours wheeled bin symbol is attached System.To ensure proper use of this RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    – Playing back files by music – ISO-DIN Installation LG Electronics hereby declares Listening to music from an menus About detachable control that this/these product(s) is/ external device – iPod / iPhone CONTROL...
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Getting Started k iPOD Front panel Remote control Activates iPod/iPhone CONTROL MODE. l Y/U Skip / Search / Seek / Tune m FUNC In each mode, sets playback items. • MENU Activates setting menu. n REC Recording to USB. o Remote Sensor p INT a SRC / •...
  • Page 5: Battery Installation

    Connecting h c / v Battery Installation 1. Remove the rear support from the unit. Installation Skip / Search / Seek / Tune 2. Remove the control panel and trim Type 1 ring from the unit. Basic Installation 3. Insert the lever into the hole on one Returns to the previous step.
  • Page 6: About Detachable Control Panel

    Connecting Note Detaching the control panel About detachable 1. Press the 6 to open the control Periodically wipe the contacts on control panel the back of the control panel with a panel. cotton swap moistened with alcohol. Attaching the control panel For safety, turn off the ignition before cleaning, and remove the key from the ignition switch.
  • Page 7: Connection

    Connecting Connection Connecting to a car Before installing, make sure that the ignition-switch is set to OFF and remove the terminal of the car battery to avoid short-circuiting. Wired remote input (Black): Hard-wired control adapter can be connected. (Optional) To Audio in To Audio out Rear Left (Sub-woofer Left) Front Left...
  • Page 8: Operating

    Operating Note Adjusting the general For [SOUND] setting Operation  3D SOUND is only available when settings You can adjust sound quality by adjusting you use the CD/ USB. (Except iPod/ Basic operations You can adjust [SOUND], [LIGHT] and the level BAL (left/right speaker), FAD iPhone) [OTHER] settings.
  • Page 9: Listening To A Cd

    Operating  CLK (Clock) For [LIGHT] setting Or press w / s and press ENTER on the Listening to a CD For the model RDS is not supported unit remote control. You can adjust the light eff ects by 1. Insert a CD. or even for a RDS supported unit.
  • Page 10: Listening To Music From An

    Live File System, you control. 4. If you want to return to the previous  SHF (Shuffl e) cannot use it on LG players. 3. Press the volume knob and rotate the step, press Each fi les in the current selected folder...
  • Page 11: Listening To A Preset

    Operating Note  A / S (Auto Store)  TA (Traffi c Announcement) ALARM / Adjusting TUNER settings The six strongest broadcasting SEEK When a station is stored on the On the unit frequencies will be stored under preset TA ALARM : When the tuned station preset numbers on which another button 1 to 6 in the order of their signal has no TP information for 5 seconds, a...
  • Page 12: Using An Usb Device

    Operating Playable USB device Recording to USB device Using an USB device Listening to music by Requirement 1. Open the USB cover and connect it to connecting iPod/iPhone 1. Open the USB cover. the unit.  Do not extract the USB device during 2.
  • Page 13: Checking Information

    Operating  SHF (Shuffl e) Checking information about iPod / iPhone CONTROL Each fi le in the currently selected album your music MODE SHF) or all of the fi les (SHF) on the MP3 / WMA fi les often come with tags. You can control on the unit and iPod / iPod / iPhone are played randomly.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Symptoms Cause Solution Power doesn't turned on. Leads and connectors are not properly. Confi rm once more that all connections are correct. The unit doesn't operate. The fuse is blown. Rectify the problem that caused the fuse to blow, and then replace it. Be very sure to install the correct fuse with the same rate.
  • Page 15: Appendix

    Appendix Specifications Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz General S / N Ratio : 80 dB Output Power : 53 W x 4 CH (Max.) Distortion : 0.12 % Power Source : DC 12 V Channel Separation (1 kHz) : 55 dB Speaker impedance : 4 Ω...

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