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Electrical Connections - Bosch Tronic TR4500T 50 EB Installation Manual

Electrical storage water tank
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If the pressure at the cold water inlet is
superior to that of 80% of the maximum
pressure of the appliance at, ie: 6,4 bar:
▶ Install a reducing valve (Fig. 8).
The safety valve will trigger every time the
water pressure in the appliance exceeds 6,4
bar. A facility for draining the expelled water
must be provided.

Electrical connections

By electrical discharge!
▶ Before working on the electrical
components, firstly cut the power,
(fuse, circuit breaker or other).
All adjusting devices, verification and safety mechanisms were
submitted to a rigorous test in factory and are ready to work.
Electrical protection!
▶ The appliance should dispose of an
independent connection to the DB
board (electric board), protected by a
30 mA differential circuit breaker and
The electrical connection must be realized in
accordance with the current country laws
regarding electrical installations.
Before connecting to the power supply network,
▶ Install a power supply cord in the water heater, with a min.
diameter of 1.5 mm2 (H05VV-F 5G 1.5 mm2). To do this,
the protective plate must be removed from the water
In the electrical installation, please install a disconnect switch
to separate all poles from the power supply network in
accordance with the national regulations.
Tronic – 6 720 884 457 (2018/02)
Fig. 10
Removing the protective cover



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