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Honeywell WREX Quick Installation Manual

Wi-fi repeater extender
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WREX Wi-Fi Repeater Extender – Quick Installation Guide
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General information
This guide provides information on installing and configuring Honeywell's WREX Wi-Fi Repeater Extender (referred to as the Repeater). The
repeater enables extending the wireless range of your Honeywell IP cameras when used with Honeywell's WAP-PLUS Wireless Access Point.
Some major features:
 Functions as a wireless repeater that communicates with Honeywell's WAP-PLUS to greatly extend the range of IP cameras or the ACU Wireless
Analog Converter Unit (ACU).
 Wireless communications utilizes the 802.11b/g/n protocol with WPS security. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a standard for easy setup of a
secure wireless network.
IMPORTANT: This repeater is for indoor use only. DO NOT mount this within 4 feet (1.2m) of any wireless device.
To utilize this repeater, you must have:
 An AlarmNet account for a GSM or Internet communicator, or a "Video Services Only" account.
 Total Connect account. (If an account does not exist, the dealer should use the AlarmNet Direct website to set up a Total Connect account for
the customer.)
 Internet access with a wireless router capable of DHCP hosting. The router must also support one button WPS data encryption. If this is not
available, order the Honeywell WAP-PLUS Wireless Access Point for connection to your router.
Component identification
POWER indicator
Green – Power on.
Blinking – Will blink for up to 40 seconds
during the initial start up.
Amber – System failure.
WPS indicator
Green – Lights for about 2 minutes when
the WPS button is pushed.
Green Slow Blinking – WPS is activating.
Green Fast Blinking – WPS failure.
WAP-PLUS Uplink signal strength
Green –Signal strength is good.
Amber – Signal strength is normal.
Planning the repeater installation
The installation of repeater, cameras, and WAP-PLUS can be as simple as installing one camera, or up to
six cameras per Total Connect account. In large installations it may include a mix of wireless, and
wired cameras.
The installer should work closely with the customer to achieve a satisfactory installation.
Layout Considerations:
Depending on layout and distances, one or more Repeaters or WAP-PLUS units may be
needed. Only one Repeater per WAP-PLUS can be used.
Wireless distance may be reduced by thick walls, wire lath, and large metal objects.
For installations where wireless connectivity is poor, see if the WAP-PLUS has the newer
WAP-ANT5dB antennas. They are approximately 6 inches (15cm) long. If not, they
can be ordered to retrofit the WAP-PLUS.
Each close IP camera or ACU will communicate directly to the WAP-PLUS.
Each distance IP camera or ACU (Analog Converter Unit) will communicate through the
repeater to the WAP-PLUS
For installations where multiple repeaters or WAP-PLUS units are used, label the units
to indicate which repeater are linked to which WAP-PLUS.
Ensure the correct power transformer is used with each device.
When needed, secure wires with cable ties.
Refer to the installation guides for the WAP-PLUS, ACU (Analog Converter Unit), and
each IP camera for detailed information about that product.
Wi-Fi Client connected indicator
One or more client devices are present.
Blinks when data is being transferred.
Green –Signal strength is good.
Amber – Signal strength is normal.
Wired Client connected indicator
Green – Wired client is present.
Wired Client connector (Ethernet)
Underside (not shown) – Can be connected
to an IP camera or ACU device for wired
connectivity up to 300ft.
POWER button
Depress to power the repeater.
Wireless Range:
The wireless range and bandwidth (data rate) are dependent on the wireless
technology used; as determined by the 802.11b/g/n specifications. This deter-
mines the range and data transfer rate. For instance under ideal conditions,
802.11 g provides up to 125ft (38m) range, and 54Mbits/s data rate, and
802.11 n provides up to 230ft (70m) range, and 150Mbits/s data rate.
Other factors that reduce the range are thick walls, wire lath, large metal objects,
and the number of cameras sending data.
Because of the many variables, the best way to determine if the installation is
successful, is to test the finished installation by logging into the Total Connect
website and checking each camera.
Connect to an outlet that is
always on.
RESET button
Resets repeater to the factory default set-
tings. (Use a paper clip to depress and
hold for 12 seconds, then RELEASE.)
WPS button
Used during setup to configure wireless
encrypted connectivity.



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  • Page 1 Honeywell IP cameras when used with Honeywell’s WAP-PLUS Wireless Access Point. Some major features:  Functions as a wireless repeater that communicates with Honeywell’s WAP-PLUS to greatly extend the range of IP cameras or the ACU Wireless Analog Converter Unit (ACU).
  • Page 2 3. At the WAP-PLUS, press and hold the WPS button for 3 seconds, then RELEASE. Verify 4. Select a power outlet for the WREX that is powered on all the time and not tied to a switch. Further, the WAP-PLUS Security light starts blinking (other wireless access points may be an outlet that is higher is preferable.