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Quick Fold Technology - Baby Jogger Stroller Assembly Instructions Manual

Baby jogger stroller user manual
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Quick Fold
Simple Lift & Fold
To fold stroller:
Remove child from seat. Remove safety
straps from frame. Pull upwards on the
fold strap with a gentle tug.
Warning: always
be sure the safety
In Motion
strap is securely
snapped onto the
frame before using
• Steering your stroller is simple: It is balanced to turn with just a light touch on the handlebar
without having to lift the front wheel.
In the Dark
• Since we are concerned about the safety of you and your child, we recommend that you not use
your stroller at night. However, if you choose to, please attach reflective strips to the wheels and
the seat. Bicycle lights can also be mounted on the handle crossbar. These accessories can be
found at most bike stores.
• To preserve the longevity of your stroller, it is important to perform simple, regular maintenance.
From time to time, make sure that the joints and folding areas are still in good condition. If you
hear any squeaking or feel tension, you can take your stroller to a local bike shop for added
lubrication. All repairs should only be carried out by an authorized dealer.



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