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Cooktop Use; Cooktop Controls; Sealed Surface Burners - KitchenAid KCGD500GSS Use And Care Manual

30" and 36" (76.2 cm and 91.4 cm) gas downdraft cooktop
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Cooktop Controls

Fire Hazard
Do not let the burner flame extend beyond the edge of
the pan.
Turn off all controls when not cooking.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death
or fire.
Electric igniters automatically light the surface burners when
control knobs are turned to
reignite if the flame is extinguished.
NOTE: All igniters will spark when lighting; however, only the
selected burner will ignite.
If a cross draft is present, the flame may be affected and some
sparking may occur. This is normal.
Before setting a control knob, place filled cookware on the
grate. Do not operate a burner using empty cookware or without
cookware on the grate.
Lighting the Burners
IMPORTANT: All burners will click/spark when a knob is pushed
in. A burner will light only if the knob is pushed in and then turned
counterclockwise to the Ignite position.
To light the burners:
1. Push in the knob.
2. Turn the knob counterclockwise to the Ignite position. Wait
until you see a flame.
3. Turn the knob to anywhere between H and L to the
desired setting.
Recommended Use
H (High)
Start food cooking.
Bring liquid to a boil.
Hold a rapid boil.
Quickly brown or sear food.
Fry chicken.
M (Medium)
Maintain a slow boil.
Fry or sauté foods.
Cook soups, sauces, and gravies.
Stew or steam food.
L (Low)
Keep food warm.
REMEMBER: When cooktop is in use, the entire cooktop
area may become hot.


(Ignite) and will automatically
Power failure
In case of prolonged power failure, the surface burners can
be lit manually. Hold a lit match near a burner and turn knob
counterclockwise to the Ignite position. After burner lights, turn
knob to setting. The vent fan will not work.
NOTE: The downdraft vent will not operate during a power failure.
Flame Sensing Reignition
Your cooktop has sealed gas burners with Flame Sensing
Reignition. If any burner flame should go out, the system will
automatically spark to reignite the burner (all igniters will spark
when any flame is extinguished; however, only the selected
burner will reignite). If intermittent sparking occurs, increase flame
(rotate knob clockwise) until clicking (spark) sound ceases.
Smart Port Burner System
This cooktop is equipped with a Smart Port Burner System. The
Smart Port Burner System produces a small flame directly under
each grate finger and a larger flame between each grate finger. The
visual difference between the ports will be noticeable when the
burner is used or when adjustments are made to the flame length.

Sealed Surface Burners

A. Cap
B. Spreader
C. Electrode
IMPORTANT: Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and
ventilation air around the burner grate edges.
Burner cap: Always keep the burner cap in place when using a
surface burner. A clean burner cap will help avoid poor ignition
and uneven flames. Always clean the burner cap after a spillover
and routinely remove and clean the caps according to the
"General Cleaning" section.
NOTE: Each round burner base is marked with a letter indicating
the burner size. Place the burner caps on the appropriate burner
Small (AUX)
Medium (SR)
Alignment: Be sure to align the gas tube opening in the burner
base with the orifice holder on the cooktop and the igniter
electrode with the notch in the burner base.
NOTE: Each round burner base is marked with a letter indicating
the burner size. Place the burner caps on the appropriate burner
Gas tube opening: Gas must flow freely throughout the gas
tube opening for the burner to light properly. Keep this area free
of soil and do not allow spills, food, cleaning agents, or any other
material to enter the gas tube opening. Keep spillovers out of the
gas tube by always using a burner cap.
Large (R)
Extra large (UR)

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