Special Features; How To Use The Oven Controls; Setting The Clock; Kitchen Timer - Black & Decker BMO700 Operating Instruction

700w, 17l microwave oven
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When programming the oven to cook by time, use
the memory pad when setting both the 1st and
the 2nd cooking stage.
The respective lights will come on to indicate which
stage the oven is operating in.
Touch pad to cancel the selected power level,
cook or defrost times that were previously
Touch to start the cooking or defrosting
The cooking indicator light and the oven light will turn
on and the cooling fan will operate.

Special Features

Auto Reminder
After a cooking or defrosting program has
completed, the oven will automatically continue
to sound three beeps every two minutes until the
oven is opened or the CANCEL pad is touched.

Kitchen Timer

Use as an all-purpose timer for general kitchen
activities (i.e. cooking, not using the microwave
oven). Three beeps will sound at the end of the
elapsed time. The oven light and cooling fan will
turn on while the time is counting down but there
are no microwaves present.
Electronic Child Lock
Use to prevent unsupervised operation of the oven
by children. The CHILD LOCK indicator light will be lit
on display and the oven cannot be operated while the
CHILD LOCK is set.

How To Use the Oven Controls

Each time a pad is touched, a beep will sound to
verify the touch.

Setting the Clock

Suppose you want to enter the correct time of day
3:45 ( a.m. OR p.m.).
1. Touch CLOCK pad.
2. Touch CANCEL pad.
3. Touch numerical pads 3.4.5.
4. Touch CLOCK pad again to confirm.
Note: When the oven was plugged in, "1:01"
should have appeared on the display. To reset
the time of day, repeat the steps given above.
To check the time of day while the oven is
operating, touch the CLOCK pad, then the time
will be displayed for 5 seconds on the display.
Time and Power Level Cooking
Suppose you want to cook for 1 minute at 60%.
1. Touch TIME pad.
2. Touch numerical pads 1.0.0.
3. Touch power pad, then touch
numerical pad 6.
4. Touch START pad.
Note: Step 3 is not necessary for cooking at
100% power level.
Suppose you want to set the oven to start up at
2 o'clock.
1. Touch PRE-SET pad
2. Touch numerical pads 2.0.0
3. Set the cooking program you require
– for example you want it to cook
for 20 minutes at 80%
· Touch TIME pad
· Touch Numerical pads
· Touch POWER pad, then touch
numerical pad 8
4. Touch START pad.
Note: Be sure the time of day clock is set at
the correct time before programming PRE-SET.

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