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Honeywell KLN 94 Quick Reference page 3

Bendix/king gps navigation system


The database must be up to date.
Only one approach can be in the flight plan at a time.
Use the
Data cannot be altered, added to or deleted from the approach proce-
dures contained in the database. (DME arc intercepts may be relocated
along the arc through the NAV 4 page or FPL 0 page.)
To change a DP, STAR or approach, select a new one using the nor-
mal procedure for selecting and loading a procedure.
To delete a DP, STAR or approach, select the FPL 0 page, place the
cursor over the name of the DP, STAR or approach, press
Some approach waypoints in the database may not appear on the
approach plates (in some cases this includes the FAF)!
Waypoint suffixes attached to some approach waypoints: i - IAF, f -
FAF, m - MAP, h - missed approach holding fix.
Use the NAV 4 page for flying approaches.
10. At the time of installation the KLN 94 is configured to annunciate either
(1) APR ARM and APR ACTV or (2) TERM and APR. The two sets
mean exactly the same.
11. At 30 nm from the destination airport the KLN 94 will go into APR ARM
(or TERM) if there is an approach in the flight plan. Left/right D-bar scal-
ing will change from ±5.0 nm to ±1.0 nm over the next 30 seconds.
12. If the approach includes a DME arc, the DME arc intercept point will be
a) on your present position radial off the arc VOR at the time you select
an arc IAF, or b) the beginning of the arc if currently on a radial beyond
the arc limit. To adjust the arc intercept to be compatible with a radar
vector, bring up the first waypoint of the arc in the NAV 4 page scan-
ning field (or under he cursor on the FPL 0 page), press
. Fly the arc in LEG. Adjust the HSI or CDI course pointer with ref-
erence to the desired track value on the NAV 4 page (it will flash when
the pointer needs to be adjusted). Left/right D-bar information is rela-
tive to the arc. Displayed distance is not along the arc but straight to the
active waypoint. (The ARC radial is also displayed on the NAV 4 page.)
13. Two nm from the FAF inbound and in LEG, the KLN 94 will go into APR
ACTV (or APR) and the D-bar scaling will begin changing from ±1.0 nm
to ±0.3 nm.
button to initiate approach and IAF selections.
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