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Honeywell KLN 94 Quick Reference

Bendix/king gps navigation system


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Quick Reference
KLN 94 Pages
Airport (APT) Pages
1 Ident, elevation, name, city, state, use
2 Latitude/longitude, bearing/radial and
3 Time from UTC, fuel, approaches, radar
4 Runway numbers, length, surface, light-
5 Comm/ILS frequencies
6 User remarks
7 DP/STAR procedures
8 Approach procedures
VOR Pages
1 Ident, frequency, name, lat/long
2 Magnetic station declination,
NDB Page
1 Ident, frequency, name, lat/long, bear-
Intersection (INT) Pages
1 Ident, lat/long, bearing/distance, DME
designation (for ILS DMEs)
2 Location relative to VOR
User-defined Waypoint (USR) Pages
1 Ident, lat/long, bearing/distance
2 Location relative to VOR
3 User remarks
Active Waypoint (ACT) Pages
Waypoint pages for active flight plan
waypoints and/or the direct-to waypoint.
(Pull right inner knob out to scan FPL 0 way-
Navigation (NAV) Pages
Active waypoint/leg, CDI, crosstrack
correction, CDI scale, VNAV status,
bearing, ETE
Present position (lat/long and radial/
Present time, departure time, flight time,
ETE & ETA at destination
Moving map
Flight Plan (FPL) Pages
Active flight plan
1-25 Stored (numbered) flight plans
GPS Navigation System
Setup (SET) Pages
1 Position initialization for GPS receiver
2 Date, time, and time zone initialization,
mag var
3 Database update
4 Nearest airport criteria
5 SUA alert enable/disable
6 SUA alert/map
7 Map setup for aero data
8 Map setup for land data
9 Low voltage warning
10 Turn anticipation enable/disable
11 Default first waypoint character
12 Barometric pressure units
13 Altitude alerting
14 QuickTune™ default
Auxiliary (AUX) Pages
1 GPS state, GPS altitude, EPE
2 GPS signal status
3 RAIM prediction
4 Trip planning for distance, bearing, ESA,
and ETE
5 Trip planning for fuel requirements
6 Pressure altitude
7 Density altitude
8 True airspeed (TAS)
9 Winds aloft
10 Alarm/timer
11 Sunrise/sunset
12 List of user-defined waypoints
13 List of airports and user waypoints with
stored remarks
14 Software versions
15 *Fuel required, fuel on board, landing
16 *Fuel reserve, extra fuel
17 *Fuel endurance, range, efficiency
18 *Fuel flow
19 *Cumulative fuel used
20 *TAS, Mach
21 *SAT, TAT, pressure alt, density alt
* Page only displayed if appropriate equip-
ment is interfaced with KLN 94.
KLN 94



Summary of Contents for Honeywell KLN 94

  • Page 1 ETE & ETA at destination 20 *TAS, Mach Moving map 21 *SAT, TAT, pressure alt, density alt Flight Plan (FPL) Pages * Page only displayed if appropriate equip- Active flight plan ment is interfaced with KLN 94. 1-25 Stored (numbered) flight plans...
  • Page 2 KLN 94 INSTRUMENT APPROACH REFERENCE WARNING: Make sure that you have practiced instrument approaches with the KLN 94 in VFR weather before attempting to fly approaches in IMC. APPROACH SEQUENCE Select an approach and load into FPL 0 a. PRESS .
  • Page 3 (The ARC radial is also displayed on the NAV 4 page.) 13. Two nm from the FAF inbound and in LEG, the KLN 94 will go into APR ACTV (or APR) and the D-bar scaling will begin changing from ±1.0 nm...
  • Page 4: Page Messages

    (or APR to TERM). A message is provided as a reminder. Fly the missed approach procedure. 19. Instrument approaches using the KLN 94 may be essentially automat- ic starting 30 nm out (with manual baro setting update) or it may require judicious selection of the OBS and LEG modes.
  • Page 5 PAGE MESSAGES Continued Bad Satellite Geometry See EPE on AUX 1 page -- Integrity monitoring is lost and the estimated position error is greater than allowed for the current phase of flight. Cross check the position with other on-board equipment every 15 minutes. Check APR ACTV Annunciator -- Indicates an overcurrent condition in the external annuncia- tor circuit.
  • Page 6 XXX°--When in OBS mode, manually adjust the HSI or CDI course pointer to the prescribed value to provide direct-to navigation. Fpl Is Full--The KLN 94 cannot add any more waypoints to the flight plan. Invalid Add--You cannot add waypoints to the approach sequence.
  • Page 7 N↑ = North up TK↑= Actual track up (when groundspeed > 2 kts) HDG↑ = Heading up (if heading supplied to the KLN 94) DTK↑ = Desired track up • To change the map scale factor: 1. Press the button.
  • Page 8: Summary Of Operation

    • To cancel direct to operation press , then , then Honeywell International Inc. Business & General Aviation 23500 West 105th Street Olathe, Kansas 66061 FAX (913) 712-1302 TELEPHONE (913) 712-0400 © 2000, 2001 Honeywell International Inc. Rev 2 3/2001 006-18228-0000...