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Install The Lyra2 User's Guide And Documentation; Insert The Alkaline Batteries Into The Player - RCA Lyra2 RD 2209 User Manual

Rca mp3 player user's guide
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Getting Started

8. Install the LYRA2 user's guide and documentation.

After you have installed the external drive and placed the LYRA2 software CD
in the CD ROM drive as described on pages 6-8, follow these directions to
install the LYRA2 User's Guide and documentation.
A. Display the Select Components
Click the Install the Lyra2 User's
Guide and documentation button.
B. Select the Destination folder
where you want the LYRA2 User's
Guide installed and click Next.
C. Select the location for the
program icons and click Next.
D. Click Finish to complete the
Getting Started

10. Insert the alkaline batteries into the player.

Before you can use the player, you
must insert two alkaline "AA" batter-
A. Slide the battery compartment
door in the direction of the arrow and
lift up.
B. Insert the batteries into the battery
compartment making sure the
polarities (+ and –) are aligned correct-
ly with the + and – markings in the
Battery Safety Precautions
Any battery may leak electrolyte if mixed with a different battery type, if inserted
incorrectly, or if all batteries are not replaced at the same time.
Any battery may leak electrolyte if disposed of in fire or an attempt is made to charge
a battery not intended to be charged.
Discard leaky batteries immediately. Leaking batteries can cause skin burns or other
personal injury. When discarding batteries, be sure to dispose of them in the proper
manner, according to your state/provincial and local regulations.
Rechargeable Batteries
Risk of fire or explosion if the following is not observed:
Do not charge any battery other than PC202MH, PC204MH, or PC224 in this equip-
Do not use or charge the batteries if they appear to be leaking, discolored, deformed
or in any way abnormal.
Battery Compartment Door
(Insert two alkaline "AA" batteries.)
C. Close the door to the battery compartment.
Low Battery Indicator (
The low battery indicator appears in the LCD
display when the
batteries are getting low. Replace the batteries.
Fire and Snow-Jo
di Ward



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