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Edit Tags For Your Songs; Transfer The Audio Files To The Compactflash; Card - RCA Lyra2 RD 2209 User Manual

Rca mp3 player user's guide
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Getting Started
Create a Playlist for playing or downloading. (
E. To remove a single track from the
playlist, click on the track to
highlight it, and then press Delete on
the keyboard.

Edit Tags for Your Songs

You can edit or delete the tags for the tracks in your Music Library. If you delete the
track's tag, all of the information about the track will be deleted.
A. Highlight the track in the Music Library and click the Tag button to
display the Tag Song File window.
Note: Right click on the highlighted track to display a menu. Select Edit Track Tag to
display the Tag Song File window.
B. You can edit the tag with your personal preferences for each of the tracks in your
Music Library.
F. Click Play to play the songs from the
playlist. You can also double click the
song in the playlist to begin playing.
Getting Started
Transfer the audio files to the CompactFlash Card.
Use MusicMatch Jukebox to transfer music files to the CompactFlash card for the
LYRA2 player. Make sure the external drive is installed properly and the CompactFlash
card is inserted.
Important Note
Note: Actual items may differ in
Removing the card
appearance from those shown.
before the data is
completely written
may cause loss of the
entire contents of the
Insert card top first with front
card and damage the
(dogs) facing up.


A. Choose Options, Send to Device,
Download Playlist to Lyra to display the
Download To Lyra window.
B. Make sure Compact Flash is
listed in the Portable Device Memory area.
Note: If it is not listed, check all
connections, click the Refresh button to refresh the
portable device memory list, make sure the
CompactFlash card is
properly inserted in the drive, restart your comput-
er, and consult online
troubleshooting for possible causes.
Yellow LED
C. Double click Compact Flash to see
what is recorded on the flash card.
D. Select the desired path for the files. If
you would like to create new directories
for your music, click
to add a direc-
tory. Make sure the correct folder is
highlighted before you start download-
E. Select and highlight the tracks you
want to download to the CompactFlash
card in the Files To Download area.
Notes: If you remove and reinsert the card,
press Refresh to refresh the Portable Device
Memory list.
Click to select a song, Shift and click to select
groups of songs,
or Ctrl and click to select
multiple songs.



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